The Headband Trend Is Having a Moment

Headband Trend Summer 2019

This season, hair accessories have gained the momentum like never before. Ever since New York Fashion Week, everyone seems to get on a hairpin bandwagon. From pearl pins to oversized beaded ones, these chic hair accessories are all over the streets of New York. As a natural progression, the next new cool accessory – headbands – are having a major moment too. And for some strange reason, I love those much more than just hairpins.

It all started back in winter when I found the brand Namjosh on Shopbop. I picked a denim headband decorated with beads and embroidery. What struck me the most about this accessory is how effectively it hides my second-day hair and adds to the entire look.

Needless to say that my collection of headbands grew dramatically ever since that first discovery (there are two options here, either I don’t like to wash my hair often or the headbands are my new favorite thing!). And my absolute favorite recent purchase is this tropical print headband from the same brand. Not only exotic prints are super popular this season, but the multi-colored headband is also more versatile as you can style it with more colors.

My Favorite Way to Wear a Headband

It took me forever though to figure out how to find the perfect spot of my headbands in my hair. At first, I’ve been wearing them with a ponytail. But that way, the headband would push my ears forward which is not the look I was going for. I finally figured that I need to separate the front section of my hair, then put on the headband, and finally fluff in the front section.

Here, I provide a few photos so you can see exactly where I place my headband. For me, that’s the most comfortable way to wear a hair accessory as it stands out more in my dark-colored hair and makes the entire look a bit less formal.

Headband vs Earrings

Another trick that I learned over the last few days is that I prefer avoiding statement earrings while wearing a headband. Not only such combination looks excessive but you end up looking overly accessorized. My rule of thumb for styling a headband is to avoid earrings at all and concentrate on bracelets and rings instead (yep, I usually skip on necklaces too). That way, the focus is on your headband and the rest of jewelry in the set just adds an additional pop of color without overpowering the entire look.

Headband Trend Summer 2019

Types of Headbands to Wear This Season

In addition to tropical print headbands, pearl ones are very popular. I’ve also seen some silk headbands that are simply incredible. Crystal headbands and bow headbands are always in style – and these are easy to style with dainty jewelry pieces. Finally, let’s not disregard head wraps that are pretty much the same thing as a classic headband but they wrap around the entire head.

* * * * *

What are your thoughts on the headband trend? Are you planning on investing in any for the upcoming season? Which headband style is your current favorite?

OUTFIT DETAILS: Headband // Pink Dress // Sandals // Earrings

Headband Trend Summer 2019

Photos by Jessia Hester


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