Holiday A-Line Dress

Elliatt Verve Cold Shoulder Dress

Even though I photographed this dress in the Hamptons, I actually wore it in New York. Last week, Ben and I attended a charity ball at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where we were invited so support Charity Water. It’s one of the most wonderful charitable foundations that help to provide people in Africa (and across the globe) with the access to clean water.

If you follow me on Insta Stories and Snapchat you know that the location and setup of the event was phenomenal! Same goes to the amount of funds raised to support this important cause. It’s a second year in a row we are invited to this grandiose gala and every single year the organizers surprise us more and more.  Last year, the gala featured virtual reality sets that depicted in 360 degrees the story of the African village receiving the access to clean water. This year, it was a live satellite connection with Ethiopia where people finally obtained access to clean water. It was a truly magical experience seeing how some of oldest members of the village (who are in their 90s!) are seeing and trying clean water for the first time in their lives (just imagine it!).

You are probably dying to hear which celebrities I saw at this event and I have to disappoint you: I spent most of the night at the table talking to our lovely neighbors and didn’t have a chance to celebrity-hunt. By the way, I was thinking that it will be a hungry night for me as the menu didn’t feature any vegan dishes and I was so surprised when the chef cooked a vegan appetizer, main dish, and a dessert personally for me! Can you imagine it? I felt so special (and well fed)!

When it comes to outfits that I spotted at the events, these were phenomenal. Some ladies came to the event in long couture gowns while others opted in for lace cocktail dresses. I wore my Marchesa dress for the event last year and this season I decided to pick something more edgy. It all started with my favorite shade of black lipstick by e.l.f. cosmetics (I reviewed my recent blog post) as I figured that I need to wear it more. Then I decided that my black princess dress require a bit of an edgy twist too so I paired it with my sticker platform heels. I really liked how the outfit turned out and felt that it was creative enough to be appropriate for the Met.

However, for this photoshoot I decided to go a bit different route so I styled the dress with those embellished heel pumps and opted in for a classic red lip color. In my opinion, such twist makes this black dress more holiday-appropriate so I’m planning on repeating this look again soon.

Would yo ever wear a black lipstick to a black tie event? What are some of the charity organizations that you support?

OUTFIT DETAILS: Elliatt Verve Dress (check out this cold shoulder dresses selection)
ASOS Embellished Pointed Heels (love this selection of Mary Jane style shoes)
Helen Ficalora Necklace (pendant necklaces that are such great gifts!)

Elliatt Verve Cold Shoulder Dress ASOS PETROLEUM Embellished Pointed Heels 2Elliatt Verve Cold Shoulder Dress ASOS PETROLEUM Embellished Pointed Heels:Elliatt Verve Cold Shoulder Dress

  • Sophie

    Such a gorgeous outfit, love your shoes so much! Sophie x

  • Such a stunning dress, perfect for the holiday season! And your shoes are amazing 🙂

    Lotte |

  • Maria Jose Abad

    You look so cute, love that you wear dresses year-around. I love them all!
    MariaOnPoint | Find me on IG

    • Thank you, Maria! Yep, I’m ALWAYS wearing dresses! In fact, it finally became so obvious to me that I purposely decided to start experimenting with other types of clothes (like jeans and pants). Let’s see how it goes! 😉

  • That is such a gorgeous dress and such a fun gala look! I’m glad the event was successful as well!


    • Yes, it was a great success for this charity organization and I’m so happy that they managed to raise so much money and help all the people living without the access to clean water!

  • The dress is lovely, Katya! Don’t you just wish we could wear dresses like that more often? Like in the early 20th century when they were always dressed up *sigh* (maybe I’ve watched too much Downton Abbey…)

    • I could totally imagine myself living in the past century and “rocking” dresses all the time! In fact, my wardrobe collection consists of 90% dresses anyways so I’m not far from that! LOL

      The old style silhouettes are amazing though! I need more of those princess dresses in my life!

      I’ve heard everyone is obsessed with the Downton Abbey but I didn’t have a chance to check it out yet… Well, I actually did but I do not understand any movies where actors are talking with British accent (weird, right?)… So I guess I need to find this show with subtitles…

      What are some of your other favorite shows, Cristina?

      • I love many shows! My all time favorite is Friends but I also love other oldies like Desperate Housewives, the OC or Gossip Girl. At the moment I’m watching Homeland, Modern Family and Sherlock. I want to get Netflix this Christmas, I’ve heard it’s great if you like TV shows.

        I know what you mean about British English. I find it harder to understand too. It’s probably because we are so used to American accent.

        How about you, what do you watch?

  • This dress is just devine! And those shoes are absolutely show stoppers! I love them!

  • You look stunning! Love the detailing of the dress and those shoes are amazing!

    Sarah Bell
    Trendy & Tidy

  • Wow!! This look is so gorgeous! I can’t get enough of your heels either! Just the perfect LBD and holiday look!

    xo, Chloe //

  • Those shoes! So cute. And this sounds like a great cause.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  • I love the red lip with the black dress! Such a great LBD!


  • Such a gorgeous look! I love the neckline and silhouette of that dress!


  • Great styling I love the shoes and dress together!

  • You look absolutely stunning! I love the detail on your shoes it really makes this outfit perfect <3

  • I looooove the heels! They are amazing

  • Arlinda

    I adore your outfit. I love the delicate touch on the shoes. As for recommedations for next year, you live in the metropolis of fashion and I would also love to see you inspired. Whether you branch out and try new brands or incorporate new trends, I would love to see your blog full of inspiration. Also in your beauty section a growing list of products you love/swear by. When I go shopping I like to incorporate items people have recommended and it would be nice to have a quick reference.

  • I’m such a fan of these kind of dresses.. gorgeous figure you have there! 🙂

    And those shoes are the cutest! 🙂

    Twitter | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram