Holiday Hair with Aveda & FourteenJay

BB Dakota Brewer Faux Fur Vest

Remember my post on when I changed my hair color from blonde to brunette at the FourteenJay salon? This week, I had just another great occasion to attend this exquisite hair salon as Aveda invited me for a fun holiday event. I reported the entire process on InstaStories and many of my readers asked for outfit and hair tutorial posts so I decided to published this full report for you guys. I hope you enjoy it! Please don’t forget to let me know how do you like the hairstyle in the comments area below!

I arrived to the FourteenJay salon on Monday morning wearing my new polka dot dress and a faux fur vest combo that Ben really liked on me when I was getting ready for the event. I don’t know why, but I feel that every time I’m wearing something with fur (these days, I only pick faux fur), he really likes my outfits. It was a rainy day so I felt super cozy in such ensemble not to mention that it was so warm.

Prior to my appointment in TriBeCa, I stopped by at the local coffee shop Laughing Man Coffee co-founded by Hugh Jackman. It’s a tiny place serving the best soy lattes in the area that I learned about years ago from a friend working nearby. The best part about this tiny place is that all of the profit of selling coffees go to the Laughing Man Foundation which supports educational programs in third world countries.

Well caffeinated and awake, I was super excited to see all of the “regular suspects” at the FourteenJay salon: lead hair stylist Frank Rizzieri who was in charge of giving me a perfect long bob last time I visited the salon and Jenny from Aveda who is my absolute favorite person to talk to! I sat next to my NYC Style Collective friend Nataliya (check out her amazing blog while watching how Frank demonstrates his ideas on how to create easy and chic holiday hair looks.

From three looks proposed (low fishtails, braid crown, and bouffant bun), I decided on the latest as my hair seemed a bit too short for the other two. I also knew that my hair is a real pain when it comes to braids as it’s thin and too silky (honestly, I feel bad complaining about it because isn’t it the goal to have smooth hair?). I also felt that the pony tail will look great with my fur vest that features a high neckline. Frank kindly supported my idea and the tutorial begun.

Step 1: To add a bit more volume to my otherwise thin hair, Frank sprayed a texturizing spray on the top part of my hair and used a hair dryer to blow dry this part of my hair only.

Step 2: Then, he secured a “puff” on top of my head with black Bobbi pins.

Step 3: Finally, he brushed the rest of the hair all the way up and secured it on the top of my head with elastic.

The hair in my pony didn’t look too voluminous so Frank added a bit more of texturizing spray into my pony and spritzed hair spray to secure the hairstyle.

I really loved how the hairstyle came out and I immediately started taking selfies. This obsession with my new hair style continued the next day when I tried recreating the same look myself! Honestly it was not that difficult to repeat and the result was pretty impressive too! I don’t know yet if it’s going to be my holiday look because I don’t have a holiday dress yet, but this hairstyle is definitely in my go-to hairstyles list now!

OUTFIT DETAILS: BB Dakota Brewer Faux Fur Vest (love those chic winter vests)
Rolla’s Linda Dress (check out those awesome casual dresses)
Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee Boots (the cutest over the knee boots selection)
Chanel Bag (shop all designer bags at discounted price)

StyleSprinter - Russian Blogger NYC Katya Bychkova

  • I wear a pony tail like this a lot but it never looks as good, so definitely need to try these texturising and volumising tips. I also need to try Aveda as a brand, I have heard amazing things x

    Beauty with charm | ESTEE LAUDER GIVEAWAY

    • Yes, Aveda products are amazing and I really recommend checking them out. If you ask for a recommendation, I would start with their dry oil for hair (smells amazing!) and hand lotions (must-have for winter).

      Happy holidays to you and your family, Alina!


  • Dana Mannarino

    Your hair is perfect for the holidays and I love it with this look!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  • Perfect hair, + PERFECT red lip!!

    Coming Up Roses

  • Natalia Kopocinski

    You look gorgeous make up on Fleek and I love that vest

  • Loving your new hair colour and that outfit is just gorgeous. I am totally having bag envy over your Chanel!! It’s amazing girl – as are you!

    Helen xx

  • Your new hair color looks awesome on you 😉 And I adore this chic outfit on you as well as that chanel bag! Have a great weekend!

    xx Aldora

  • Thomas Falkenstedt

    Such a beautiful hairdo and outfit to go with it. Just like you, I LOVE fur, but choose faux fur nowadays, in case it’s not second hand. 🙂
    Have a wonderful Christmas dear!

  • Love your outfit head to toe. And have to agree Aveda did an amazing job with your hair. Looks fabulous. Color looks beautiful on you

  • Gina Diaz

    This outfit looks so beautiful on you sweetie! love it so much! and Aveda did a fantastic job with your hair as it looks so amazing. Xx, Gina


    Hello dear!!!
    Beautiful Christmas look you looks awesome with your hair. The black and white Chanel bag is absolutely perfect.
    Eva from Italy

  • Amanda Smith

    I love your outfit and your hair looks amazing! Aveda did such a great job!

    Manda |

  • Oh my gosh girl, you look so beautiful! I LOVE the hair so much and I’m planning to try this style tonight for a party. Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial. Your makeup is so lovely too. Bright red lips suit you so well and your eyes are mesmerizing. I didn’t realize they were such a pretty golden green!

    Love, Liz

  • So Pretty Look and Love your Hair:)
    Beautiful Tutorial 🙂 Thank you For sharing it:)
    That Chanel Bag is so Gorgeous:) Need one:)
    Sending you Love and Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina

  • Jessie Li (4evajessie)

    I love your hair babe! It’s so classy and elegant! Perfect for the a Christmas lunch! And thag Chanel bag, omg, it’s taking my breath away! Love it ?


  • EverestSays

    Love that hair babe! It sounds simple enough for me to attempt and New Year’s Eve seems like the perfect occasion for such a hair!

  • You look so pretty! I love that red lipstick on you and your hair looks gorgeous. Love how you recounted what you did prior to the event also; that coffee shops sounds fun and soy lattes sound delicious!


  • Super cute – and I adore your Chanel! Love your effortless style. And I think you should have gone for the braid crown – with short hair I know how hard it is to do yourself, but you gotta figure a pro can do anything 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing the steps to your hairstyle babe. And your outfit is on point! Love the bag and your faux fur vest so much. You always look stunning. And btw, Aveda has been my favorite line for a long time now.

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  • jacqueline

    I love the way your hair looks as a brunette. Also love the ponytail. I’m always trying to find cute updos!

  • maggie

    I really love your hair as a brunette! I think it makes your eyes stand out more. Really loving this outfit too! Super cute and that Chanel bag is AMAZING!


    Maggie S.


  • Your hair looks so lovely hun- the bouffant is super cute and I’m loving your new darker hue! Your outfit with the fluffy vest is so cute- no wonder your partner liked it so much 🙂

    Rachel xx

  • Shalini Acharya

    I think you look stunning with this hair color. I love your dress with those red polka dots and I am obsessed with your chanel bag! Love Aveda as well! xx Shalini

  • Ravayna Coe

    Obsesssssseed with that purse. Love salon events, and I think your hair looks so cute like this!

  • Sofia N

    I have tried products form Aveda and I love them!! you look absolutely gorgeous, especially in that red lip!

  • Alexandra Chloe

    Your hair is so perfect! You look amazing in these photos and I am in love with your outfit! Those boots are absolutely perfect and I love the heel on them!


  • Lacey Wall

    You are positively angelic in these photos! I’m in love with everything from the hair, to the lips, to the outfit! You’re always a style guru darling. Love reading your posts!

    Lacey |

  • Tandya

    I love this post! Your hair looks amazing! Thank you for sharing the process. I am also obsessed with your handbag!!

    Happy holidays! Xo

  • Jessica

    I love the Aveda salon! I also love the little bit of volume up front, which I always have a hard time doing to my own hair! Lovely look! xo, Jessica

  • ellen kim

    I love the hairstyle! Such a great look on you. I’m definitely going to have to try this look this New Years Eve! Thanks for the tips!


  • wow! you look gorgeous love! I don’t know if we have Aveda Salon here in toronto but I should check it out! you hair color is so fab! Happy Holidays!


  • Andreea Birsan

    Your hair looks really amazing and not to mention the stylish outfit! Everything is just perfect, from the Chanel bag to the gorgeous knee length boots.