Homemade Russian Granola

Homemade Russian Granola

Last weekend my friend Nina and I hit the kitchen in the Hamptons to cook a delicious and healthy breakfast. The Russian version of American granola takes just half an hour to cook, but provides you with nutrients for the rest of the day. Get ready peeps, Russian girls are cooking!

Nina Katya Cooking Russian Granola

Before I start with the recipe, let me tell you the story that stands behind it. My friend Nina is an amazing cook who totally rules the kitchen with all of the fancy tricks that real chefs do. She is also the one who invited me to the first cooking class I ever attended and gifted to me a cookbook Plenty More by Yotam Ottolenghi that helped to improve my cooking style. Nina is a great chef/experimenter and she feels (without even checking with the cookbook!) which ingredients work together.

Nina Cooking

The below granola recipe was invented by Nina while trying to come up with a healthy and nutritious snack for her boyfriend Filip who is a marathon and triathlon runner. As it turned out, Filip loved this delicious granola so much that now he eats it not only before the races but every single day.

Nina Cooking Russian Granola


2 bananas (ripened ones are the best)

1 tablespoon coconut butter (pick an organic one)

1 handful walnuts

1 handful cashews

1 handful almonds

1 handful dried cranberries

1 handful raisins

1 handful chia seeds

1 handful pumpkin seeds

1 handful old fashioned oatmeal

ground cinnamon


1. Mix oatmeal with all the nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Sprinkle the mix with cinnamon.

2. Peel the bananas and blend them with coconut oil in the blender on a slow speed. The bananas should turn into a liquid without any noticeable pieces.

3. Mix the banana batter with the pre-mixed ingredients and put them in a baking dish. Spread the mix evenly with the help of a spoon.

4. Preheat the oven to 350 F. Bake the mix for 10 minutes, then stir again and bake for another 10 minutes.

Note: Don’t bake until your granola becomes crunchy. It will be once the granola is properly baked and then dried.

5. Take the mix out of the oven and let dry for about an hour. Pack in cute jars and enjoy your Russian granola!

Easy Russian Granola Recipe

P.S.—My talented Ninochka is working for a charitable organization World Vision that helps with building a better future for children from all over the world. The above recipe has nothing to do with charity, but if have a chance please visit their website now and help to support a good cause.

Easy Granola Recipe a la Russe


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  1. a wonderful healthy snack. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. xo

    Posted 6.13.15 Reply
  2. GoFashiondeals wrote:

    That looks so yummy!! :) thanks for sharing!

    Posted 6.12.15 Reply
  3. Ellen Bourne wrote:

    This looks delicious!

    Posted 6.11.15 Reply