How Dermaster Facial Changed My Skin

Dermaster Facial by Ajune Spa (Review)

{Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Ajune Spa, but all opinions are my own.}

Since my announcement that 2016 will be a year of medi-SPA for me, my skin has never looked better. A few months ago I underwent my first Botox treatment (read about my experience here), tried some chemical peels (and continue doing at-home peels), and started using a Retinol-rich night cream. Finally, I tried a medical procedure that put all these treatments together and gave me the best skin I’ve ever had. I am talking about a signature Dermaster Facial that I tried at Ajune Spa located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Prior to getting into all the details of the procedure, let me give you a little background on what Ajune Spa is all about. The center is located at an Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery Center, skinMDny, headed by Doctor Mauro C. Romita, Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon at SkinMDny & Founder/ Medical Director of Ajune.

Prior to my appointment, I had a chance to chat with Dr. Romita and learn about all the amazing projects he’s worked on. The skinMDny office specializes in body procedures, starting from tummy tuck and laser hair removal to vein treatments and arm reductions. There are also all sorts of facial plastic surgery services offered at the clinic, from face-lifts to skin resurfacing and even cosmetic dentistry.

After a meeting where Dr. Romita demonstrated some impressive before/after images of his clients, I went to a cozy separate room where an aesthetician Olga was waiting to start my Dermaster Facial. As it turned out, Olga happened to be Russian so I enjoyed talking to her in my native language during the procedure.

Doctor Mauro C. Romita and Blogger Katya Bychkova

You probably wonder what Dermaster is all about. To put it simply, it’s Ajune Spa’s signature facial, which combines a medical microdermabrasion, a violet ray treatment, and a sequence of collagen penetration procedures.

Step #1: Dermaster

After initial consultation, and undressing and wrapping myself in a comfy off-the-shoulder towel, I lay down. Olga cleaned my face and started working on my skin with a Dermaster machine. As with other medical microdermabrasion machines, a Dermaster Facial is targeted towards removing the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells; massaging vitamins into your skin; stimulating collagen production; and improving overall appearance. However, this particular machine does much more than that thanks to a combination of three extra ‘ingredients’ for better-looking skin: positive air pressure, pure salt, and ultrasound.

The treatment feels like putting some sea salt on a sponge and massaging it into your skin. It’s not painful at all but rather relaxing and…salty! During the procedure, I also felt air coming into the applicator with which Olga worked on my skin. If it makes any sense, I would compare it to vacuum cleaning your face with salty air.

Using the same machine, Olga worked every inch of my skin and then cleaned my salty skin.

Step #2: Extractions

After cleaning, Olga created some sort of pretzel out of a warm, wet towel and placed it on my skin to open up my pores for further extractions. Perhaps it has something to do with a prior Dermaster treatment, but the usually painful extractions procedure went very smoothly and was pain-free. When Olga finished a thorough cleaning, my pores were breathing again.

Step #3: Violet Ray

I’ve experienced treatments with a violet ray machine before and it’s never been my favorite treatment. I can’t call a procedure that consists of moving a glass tube on your skin with tiny electric explosions particularly unpleasant, but somehow I always disliked it. According to my conversation with Olga, I should have been more open-minded about this device, as it is a must-know tool for killing bacteria after extractions. I tried to recall the last time a New-York-based aesthetician used a violet ray on me and I couldn’t remember. I concluded that my recent skin problems were probably related to the fact that none of the aestheticians I worked with took their time to do this anti-bacterial procedure, so my breakouts spread after every facial. Well, live and learn. After my Dermaster Facial, I’ll make sure to make a violet ray treatment a priority.

Step #4: Ultrasound

After my skin was properly exfoliated and bacteria-free, Olga applied a hydration mask to help restore my skin after the extractions. She left a mask on my face for a few moments and started working with another machine that delivers ultrasound deep into my skin. According to her explanation, the ultrasound frequency used in this device has been optimized in a way that helps to deliver Vitamins A and C from the facial mask into the skin. These nutrients are essential in restoring skin’s collagen and elastin supplies. In other words, this procedure helps to stimulate production of new healthy skin cells.

Step #5: Collagen Mask

Then, Olga followed with another mask. This time, it was a cold mask that contains collagen and salicylic acid. The latest ingredient is important as it goes deeper into skin and kills any bacterial ‘leftovers’ while collagen soothes the skin and makes it virtually younger, healthier, and more glowing.

Step #6: LED

After I’d spent a few minutes napping with a mask on my face and listening to relaxing music in the room, Olga removed what was left of the mask and asked me to slowly sit down on my bed. She brought to my face a device that looked like a miniature tanning bed and asked me to close my eyes. Two bright light flashes passed—I didn’t feel any heat or noise. Olga explained that LED light has proven to be a great stimulant for cell activity. In other words, a short exposure to these lights helps your skin to produce more collagen and thus look younger in the long run.

Step #7: Moisturizing

My medi-facial was finished with a facial massage and application of a daily moisturizer.

Even though an aesthetician at Ajune Spa was targeting my face, I felt like my entire body was relaxed and rejuvenated. I do love taking care of myself and this trip to skinMDny was one of the best beauty highlights of the year. In my conversation with Olga, she explained that Dermaster treatments work the best if taken in a course of seven. Today, a few weeks after the treatment, my skin is still clean and glowing. I can only imagine how perfect it would be after a course of procedures. It goes without saying that I’m visiting Ajune Spa again soon.

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