How Having a Dog Changed My Life

Blogger Katya Bychkova and Her Puppy Lilu

Having my sweet Yorkie, Lilu, in my life has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Even though it’s not always easy to take care of her and adjust my schedule according to her preferences, I do love every second I spend with her. Needles to say, having a dog changed my lifestyle and habits a lot. Today, I want to share with you exactly how she’s changed my life. I can’t wait to hear how your pet changed your approach to life. Please share your stories in the comments!

#1: My getting-ready time has doubled. My sweet Lilu is very curious, and when she realizes that I’m about to leave her for a few hours, she starts following me everywhere and looking at me with an expression that says, “How could you?” Most of the time, I end up carrying her on my lap all over the house so she feels that I still love her, even though I have to go. Also, I always make sure to walk her before leaving the house—so here comes your extra 15 minutes to spare.

Lilusik Loves Dunkin Donuts

#2: I’ve become an early riser. Why? I simply don’t have another choice, as Lilu’s biological clock suggests that she needs to go to the bathroom (read: walk me, please!) and have a nutritious meal right after that. It doesn’t matter when I walked her last—every weekday and on weekends, I wake up at 7:00 am. Knowing how difficult it’s always been for me to wake up early, I actually find Lilusik’s habit beneficial for me. These days, I’ve already had breakfast, worked out, walked the dog, and cooked for three of us—all even before I’ve had my first cup of coffee around 9:00 am.

#3: My goal of walking 10k steps a day has become a reality. Walking three times a day, with at least one long walk in the park, makes me feel healthier. Even though I’m not getting any six packs from these daily activities, regularly walking outside and breathing fresh air (we live right next to Central Park) definitely helps to clear my mind and helps me stay active. This benefit only applies when the weather is getting warmer, as during cold days Lilusik runs back home in less than a minute, no matter how warm and insulated her winter coat is.

Lilusik and Corso Como Gabrielle Flats

#4: I am a more responsible person now. Knowing that you have to come back home to feed your dog and walk her helps you make healthier decisions. Should I stay a few more hours at that party, eat and drink more, or go home and spend time with my sweet Lilu? I might become less fun to hang out with as a friend, but I’ll be a better mommy to my puppy.

#5: I learned how to do nothing. Working from home, it’s always incredibly difficult for me to just shut down all my electronic devices and just enjoy a book or a movie. Now, when I feel that Lilusik is expecting her regular snuggle time, it’s much easier for me to decompress. Watching TV while playing with a dog is still multitasking, but it means that I’m putting myself through fewer tasks than usual, anyway.

Did you know that Lilusik has her Instagram account?

Lilu The Yorkie