How I Designed a Bag

DIZAIND Bags Sofie – Classic Tote

Dizaind Sofie Bag (c/o) / HM Houndstooth Coat (60% off now) / HM Fringe Skirt
HM Turtleneck Top / Stuart Weitzman Nudemiswoon Boots (also comes in burgundy)

There are so many items on my bucket list that never get done. I still haven’t found time to get a driver’s license, regular yoga classes are not a reality yet, and I am probably working too slowly on my reading list. However, there’s one thing I’ve dreamed of doing, and it’s a dream that’s finally come true—I designed my own bag. It’s not a mass production project, but rather an individual custom bag created for me from scratch in Switzerland. Today I am collaborating with Dizaind Bags to tell you how you can also design your own bag according to your taste.

DIZAIND Bags Sofie – Classic Tote

But before we start digging into every detail of how to design a bag, let me say that I haven’t stopped carrying this bag since the moment I received it in the mail. It has everything I could possibly think of for a perfect bag:

* It is spacious enough to keep all the things I need during the day, such as my French textbook, a makeup bag, my wallet and a camera, some random winter holiday decorations, and unlimited office supplies.

* It has comfortable handles so my back doesn’t get hurt even though I am easily carrying 30 pounds of stuff in my bag.

* It is made of natural materials inside and out, which makes this handbag a high quality and long-lasting piece. I think of it as an investment handbag that will last for many years.

* It reflects my individuality as I picked all the details for this bag myself.

* Since the bag incorporates three different colors, I can wear it with many different outfits and for many occasions. It’s a truly versatile piece that matches so many outfit styles.

* Finally, just looking at it makes me very happy, because I can take pride in my design creation.

DIZAIND Sofie – Classic Tote

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that my Dizaind bag not only looks amazing, it was also super fun to design. Trust me, when you start designing your own handbag, you’ll see how addictive it can be. There are so many beautiful options available that you can easily spend hours creating dozens of amazing bags, even though you wanted to order just one.

Below, I provide the list of things you can choose from while designing your custom-made bag:

Step #1: Select the Shape

There are seven handbag shapes available to choose from, ranging from a bucket bag to a satchel to a spacious weekender. Each of the bag models has its own name: Kate, Amy, Lucie, Cindy, Julia, Sofie (that’s the one I picked), and Lexie.

DIZAIND Sofie Classic Tote

Step #2: Pick the Silhouette

After you figured out which shape works the best for you, you can customize it with pockets, front handles, and other design details. For instance, I had a choice of picking from the following options:

* Style and Functionality (features horizontal leather stripes);

* Carry-All with Style (one wide stripe in the middle of the bag)—I picked this one as I usually have a minimalist taste in bags;

* Relaxed Office (features vertical stripes).

DIZAIND Bags - Sofie Tote

Step #3: Work on Accessories

At this stage of the design process you need to select whether your bag will have straps or tassels. Since the model I selected is a tote, I decided that I don’t need a shoulder strap attached. I was very excited about adding a contrasting tassel to my bag though. I had one of those on my everyday Coach bag and loved it. Also, tassels seem to be on trend right now and it never hurts to be trendy in accessories.

DIZAIND Bags - Tassel

Step #4: Pick Your Material

Here is when the real designing begins! Dizaind’s website provides you with 15 options of grain leather (it’s a more durable fine-grained option) and 14 choices of nappa leather (extra soft and smooth). The best thing about these colorful leather options is that you can mix and match however you like. For instance, you can pick the same color for side panels and handles and another one for the body of the bag. Or, let’s say, pick three shades of the same color to create an ombre handbag.

Dizaind - Custom Made Classic Tote

Step #5: Work on the Interior

Finally, you can pick 10 options for how your bag will look like inside. For my bag, I opted for a matching pale exterior. I never had a bag with a leather interior before, but it turned out to be a smart decision—the bag is super easy to clean and feels so luxurious. I would definitely recommend this option!

Custom Made Tote by DIZAIND

The typical delivery time of a Dizaind custom bag is about four weeks from the time the order is placed. So if you’re planning to give someone a gift of a custom-made bag for Christmas or New Year’s, the recipient will have time to design her bag during the winter holidays and receive an actual bag right before St. Valentine’s day. In other words, think about getting just one bag for two holidays. Also, don’t forget to use a discount code mydizaindbag created exclusively for StyleSprinter readers and save 10% off your order (including gift certificates).

DIZAIND Sofie Tote in White and Purple

A custom-made bag would be a great gift for creative people who want to try themselves at fashion designing without spending too much money. Also, it’s a must-have accessory for a fashionista who wants a bag that doesn’t exist on the market yet. Finally, it’s a perfect present for just about any person who believes that our outfit should reflect our personality. I can’t even tell which of these categories I really belong to (perhaps all of them!). All I know is that my Dizaind Sofie Bag is one of my current favorites that I am very proud of.

P.S.—In case you missed it, take a look at one of the looks that I recently published incorporating my handbag by Dizaind.

DIZAIND Sofie Classic Tote 2HM Houndstooth Coat

Dizaind Sofie Bag (c/o) / HM Houndstooth Coat (60% off now) / HM Fringe Skirt
HM Turtleneck Top / Stuart Weitzman Nudemiswoon Boots (also comes in burgundy)