How I Met Mr. Fashion Police

Blogger Katya Bychkova at NYFW

ASOS Off Shoulder Body-Conscious Dress In Stripe / Anya Hindmarch All Over Stickers Crossbody

Most of the girls I know claim they never watch celebrity gossip shows, except those times when they’re getting their nails done and there’s nothing else to read at the salon. But ask those girls which dress they are obsessed with from the latest red carpet, and you’ll find an educated response supplied with saved-on-the-iPhone screen shots of the coveted dresses. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not trying to investigate my friends’ secret celebs obsessions. All I can say is that they’re either watching Fashion Police on E! or spending too much time at nail salons.

I personally do love catching up on “who wore it best” celebrity gossip and I can probably recall 80% of the jokes made by the Fashion Police crew from 2015. My favorite fashion officer was Ms. Joann Rivers, and the next Brad Goreski.

Katya Bychkova and Brad Goreski

Considering the above, imagine how excited I was when representatives of Diet Coke invited me to a one-on-one meeting with Brad! In an uncommon—for me—fashion, I arrived at the event a half an hour earlier. I wanted to see and photograph all the pieces Brad handpicked for the event and be Periscope-ready when he joins the party.

DietCoke ItsMine NYFW Event 2016

The outcome of the event exceeded my expectations. Not only did I have a chance to take funny photos with Brad at a party booth, I also sneaked a few sentences from him for my Periscope followers.

Killing time before my meeting with Brad, I photographed all the gorgeous Diet Coke bottle designs. I don’t like drinking soda, but I appreciate the brand’s attempt to connect the beverages world with art.

DietCoke ItsMine NYFW Event 2016

Leaving the event with a bunch of photos and free clothes (again, handpicked by Mr. G himself!), I couldn’t think about Brad’s shoes as they really reminded me of a classic Russian print. If the head of the Fashion Police favors Slavic style, perhaps a Russian fashion renaissance is coming soon?

DietCoke ItsMine NYFW Event 2016DietCoke ItsMine NYFW Event 2016DietCoke ItsMine NYFW Event 2016DietCoke ItsMine NYFW Event 2016DietCoke ItsMine NYFW Event 2016

  • Anna Hubbard

    What an amazing experience, I would love the chance to meet someone like Brad! Also, all of your photos are fantastic!

  • Wow!!! So jealous! I love Fashion Police and Brad! Looks like you had such a fun time. – Bitsy (

  • Becky Bedbug

    That dress looks absolutely incredible on you and what an amazing experience!

  • What an amazing time! You look amazing. Love the boots paired with that dress!! All of the pictures look wonderful. 🙂

  • Joey Taylor

    What a cool event, looks like you had so much fun! x

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