How I Take Care of My Clothes

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant

It would not take long to guess what most of my money is spent on… Being a fashion blogger, I do like finding high-quality dresses, shoes, and accessories that I will enjoy for many years to come. As I have stated multiple times on this blog, I am not one of those girls who are afraid to show up at an event in the same dress they wore last month. For me, a perfect piece of clothing is a long-term investment, which is the reason I do take good care of my wardrobe. Today, I’ve partnered with Dove (thanks Simply Stylist for the introduction!) to share with you some of my tips and tricks on how to make sure that your clothes are well maintained.


Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant

1. One of the most frustrating things that can happen to a fashion lover is when you get dressed and then realize that your clothes are stained with deodorant residue. Most such stains are difficult to completely remove so you will probably end up trying to wash your top or dress or changing your well-planned outfit to something else. I struggled with this problem for a long time and only my regular photo shoots and tons of beauty testings helped me to get smarter about which deodorant to choose if you want to avoid white marks. Forget about sticks, roll-ons, and cream deodorants, and give Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant a try, as it’s the only product I’ve found that doesn’t leave visible residue. I love the fact that it provides 48 hours of protection and makes tender underarm skin smoother. Also, it comes in the same fragrances as other Dove products so you can avoid layering (my personal favorite is Cool Essentials; I also use the same-scented Dove Beauty Bar).

What is a Makeup Bib and Why you need it

2. Another potential hazard to your clothes is makeup. I don’t know about you, but I usually get dressed and only after that do my makeup. By doing so, I avoid staining collars of my tops and dresses with foundation and lipstick. However, there is also a possibility that a small amount of eyeshadow, compact powder, or highlighter will get on my clothes. In order to avoid such situations, I usually put a piece of paper towel on top of my clothes (I call it my “makeup bib”) and only after that start applying makeup.

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant

3. If you already have makeup on your face and need to change your outfit, wrap up your face with a silk scarf and then put on your clothes. Be very careful with your lipstick though as it might stain both the scarf and the outfit. I usually blot my lips on a thin paper napkin and then reapply my lipstick when I am done dressing. By the way, this tip will also help to save your curls or updo from being damaged by clothes.


Electric Fabric Shaver Tips and Tricks

1. I don’t go to the tailor that often and usually make small repairs by myself. I would never recommend taking in a dress on your own (especially if you don’t have a sewing machine at your disposal), but such things as changing buttons or fixing a zipper are easy enough to do yourself. I have a mini DIY sewing kit at home and a separate box for all the buttons that come with outfits when you buy new clothes. In my experience, the best way to store those is to staple a plastic bag with the extra button to the label of the piece you purchased prior to “filing it” in your sewing box. You might not recall what the lost button looked like, but you will most likely remember the brand name of the clothes. Trust me, this trick saves me tons of time when I am running late because my button fell off on the way out.

How to Use Electric Fabric Shaver

2. It’s almost cashmere season and here I would like to mention another favorite device that I use all the time. It’s an electric fabric shaver that I use not only on cashmere but on other materials that pill, including wool, cotton, flannel, and even synthetic fiber. But before you go online to purchase a shaver like that, let me warn you that those devices are addictive. The moment I got introduced to one, I started an all-evening marathon of fixing my old favorite sweaters and tops. While using your miracle shaver, make sure that you are not wearing the garment as it might damage the fabric.

Hangers and Closet Organization Tips

3. Finally, it’s important to rotate your clothing. I divide my clothes into four categories that correspond with each season of the year. When the weather changes, I put aside a current “collection” and take out of storage a new one. In that way, I am not getting tired of my clothes. Also, I have much more space in the closet. I have a little OCD about my hangers because they are responsible for keeping my clothes in good shape. I prefer using padded hangers for evening dresses, bamboo hangers for outerwear, wooden hangers for pants and skirts, and basic metallic hangers (the ones you get at a dry cleaner) for everything else.


My Laundry Routine

1. If you remember my post from a little while ago, I had a very bad habit of removing all the tags from my clothes and then getting lost on how to properly wash them. Well, you can congratulate me as I finally created a system that allows me to get rid of annoying tags and remember all the washing instructions at the same time. Basically, I created a separate folder on my phone where I store photos of all my outfits and corresponding washing-instruction tags. Since all my outfits are saved in photo format, these are easy to pull up when I need to start the wash. Also, it literally takes two clicks to take photos and save them in the Laundry folder on my phone.

Mesh Laundry Bag

2. The way you approach your laundry makes a big difference to how your clothes look over time. I wash most of my clothes in cold water and use mesh laundry bags to protect the most delicate pieces. In saying that, I don’t mean just undergarments, but anything that contains lace or embellishments or is made out of silk or chiffon. When it comes to drying, I never leave delicate clothes in the drying machine for more than 15 minutes. I learned it the hard way, but over drying clothes is the shortest way to its shrinking and deformation. Instead, use a dryer for a couple of minutes (surprisingly, it helps to get rid of some wrinkles) and then hang clothes on iron racks. These do not take up too much space in your storage closet, but really make all the difference to how long your outfits last.

Why Steamer is a Must-Have Device

3. Another important tool in my clothes maintenance collection is a steamer. I purchased it not that long ago, but it really changed my approach to getting rid of the wrinkles. Usually, I just ironed my outfits when needed or, if it’s a delicate piece, took it to a dry cleaner. It was not the perfect solution as a massive iron doesn’t reach all the small details such as collars and pocket flaps. Also, it was useless for especially delicate pieces. My steamer solves all those problems: it’s convenient to use and it provides the best results for any type of material. For me, it’s a must-have device!