How To Create Super Voluminous Hair (Tutorial)

Rusk Mousse Hair Tutorial by Katya Bychkova

Some people might think I am lucky because my hair is super-duper straight, but it’s actually not that convenient. In fact, my hair is so straight that none of my curly hairstyles ever passed the midnight mark. I am not exaggerating! When I was in my teens, every time I tried to curl my hair my mom would say, “Put more hair spray in or your hair will turn into a Pumpkin.” I am no longer Cinderella’s age and I finally found a way to keep my hair curly. Today I’m collaborating with Rusk and Birchbox to teach you how to add volume to your hair and keep your curls bouncy all night long.

Rusk Mousse Voluminous Hair TutorialVoluminous Hair Tutorial Rusk Mousse

1. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. If your hair tangles easily, apply two layers of conditioner and brush it through your hair using a plastic hairbrush. Towel-dry your hair and brush it again.

Rusk Volumizing Mousse ReviewRusk Volumizing Mousse How to Apply

2. Apply Rusk Volumizing Mousse by squeezing it onto a hairbrush and brushing your hair throughout. Apply the mousse to the bottom quarter of your hair and brush each hair strand thoroughly.

How to Add Volume to Your Hair Using a Hair Dryer

3. Flip your hair upside down and blow-dry it using a hair dryer until it’s about 70% dry. Don’t worry about which direction your hair is facing, just make sure it doesn’t make too tangled.

Voluminous Hair with Rusk MousseHow to Create Voluminous Hair TutorialHow to Add Volume to Your HairVolume Hair with Conair Hair Dryer

4. Separate your hair into three parts and divide the middle part into two layers. Using the same technique, apply another layer of Rusk Volumizing Mousse on each of those two layers. Blow-dry each layer using a round brush. When you are done, use hair clips to secure each of the curls on the top of your head.

Curls Tutorial with HerStyler CurlerSuper Voluminous Hair TutorialSuper Voluminous Curls Hair (Tutorial)

5. Blow-dry the rest of your hair using your hands (don’t use a brush) and start curling your hair with the curler, starting from one side of your face and moving toward the other side. Secure each curl with a hair clip or a hairpin while your hair is still hot from the curler. That’s actually the ultimate secret of all-night-long curls: if you let your curls go too early, they’ll never survive the entire night.

Voluminous Hair TutorialVoluminous Hair How-To with Rusk Mousse

6. When you are done with curling and clipping all your hair strands, remove the two clips that you had on the top and curl those strands in different directions. You will notice that because your hair has been in a big curl for the last ten minutes or so your hairstyle has extra volume (and that’s exactly what we need, right?).

Voluminous Curls How-To TutorialHow to Crunch your hair when making curls

7. Remove all the clips (or pins) and separate your hair into two parts. Crunch each side of your hair a bit so your curls look natural.

Best Hair Spray for Curly Hair

8. Pick a hair spray of your choice and spray it all over your hair. Then, with your hands, separate and move the curls so they fall the right way.

Rusk Mousse Hair Tutorial by Katya BychkovaRusk Volumizing Mousse Voluminous Hair Tutorial by Katya Bychkova

9. Separate some strands on top of your head and use a cute hair clip to secure them. No extra hair spray needed – you are all set!

Rusk Volumizing Mousse Voluminous Hair Tutorial by Katya Bychkova StyleSprinter

 Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Birchbox and Rusk. All photos by Vital Agibalow.