How To DIY a Salon-Level Facial

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Even though I prefer salon facials (those are just more relaxing for me), I also love doing at-home facials. The best thing about DIY beauty rituals is that you can you’re your facial whenever you have time, not to mention that such DIY facial experience is much more affordable than a regular salon facial. Luckily, many brands are proposing at-home facial kits that contain all the products you need to have a salon-level facial in a comfort of your home. Today I am collaborating with Bliss SPA to share with you my tips and tricks on at-home 15 minutes facial.

My express facial consists of three simple steps and it is perfect if you are limited in time. This mini facial will also work the day before an important event, as it does not involve any extractions. In fact, I stopped doing extractions by myself long time ago and only trust it to professionals. Instead, I prefer using a gentle peel that helps to get rid of the old skin build-up and make my skin tone more even.

bliss a-'bright' face facial-at-home set review

For this facial, you will need the following products:

All of these products are currently available in a gift set that cost only $49 (it’s 50% less expensive if bought individually). You can purchase it directly at Bliss World website and receive 20% off with the code DAZZLE. You can also look for a set at Kohl’s (eligible for Kohl’s Cash and YES2YOU Rewards). I am also giving away a full size of Bliss A-‘Bright’ Face Facial-at-Home Set. Check out the end of this post for a giveaway!

Now, when you have all the required products, let’s see all the steps that are required for the express facial

Step #1: Clean

bliss fabulous foaming face wash review

The most important thing about any skin care procedure is a proper cleaning. You want to make sure that there is no makeup left so your skin is ready for absorbing all the ingredients you are planning to treat it with. For this tutorial, I used Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, a product that I’ve repurchased many times before. In fact, it was one of the products that I used it during my anti-breakouts skin care challenge. This cleanser is very mild and it contains a whole pack of natural ingredients, such as chamomile extract (deeply moisturizes your skin) and passionflower extract (reduces inflammation and soothes skin).

I prefer applying a facial wash with a sponge as it adds an additional level of exfoliation and feels more like a real SPA facial. During cleansing, I massage my skin a little bit by moving my sponge in circular movements. Another recent skin care habit: I wipe my face with a paper towel instead of a regular one in order to avoid spreading bacteria.

Step #2: Peel

bliss that's incredi-'peel'! review

I exfoliate my skin regularly, but during at-home facials it requires a bit more than just a typical facial scrub. After my facial at Bliss 49 where my beautician recommended regular mild peels, I started using at-home glycolic acid peel Bliss That’s Incredi-‘Peel’! 5 Pack and I already saw results. This product does not involve any skin rubbing, but it cleans my skin much better than a typical scrub. In addition, it makes my skin soft and somewhat glowy.

This product comes in separate packages which is perfect if you are planning to go for a vacation but do not want to bring too much skin care products with you. In fact, I am about to leave for my winter vacation and this peel is number one product I packed for the trip.

Step #3: Moisturize

bliss triple oxygen vitamin c cream

Finally, I finish my at-home facial with Bliss New Triple Oxygen Vitamin C Cream. Usually, I am using a Vitamin C serum, but since I already layered too many products, I skip it and apply just a moisturizer. I always make sure to use a cotton swab to grab just a little amount of product and avoid getting germs into the moisturizer jar when getting there with my finger. Another important moment here is to allow enough time for your cream to absorb into skin. Usually, I help my skin to get all the best things from skin care products by massaging those into my skin.

In the below video, I demonstrate step-by-step how I massage my face:

I hope you enjoyed my DIY facial tutorial and learned some new tips and tricks that you didn’t use before. As promised, below please find a Rafflecopter giveaway form. Also, don’t forget to use a 20% off discount code DAZZLE for your skin care product purchases at Bliss World website.

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UPDATE (1/13/2016): Congratulations to Margaret W. from Massachusetts for winning a Bliss SPA facial set! The winner has been contacted via email; her prize will be mailed in a few days.