How To Fake A Smaller Waist

Let’s be real here: creating an illusion of a smaller waist could be more challenging in summer as there is no swimsuit that will hide what you want to hide without a strict workout regimen, but if we are not talking about swimsuits only, it’s actually possible. Yes, without exhausting workouts and weeks of eating tasteless foods. Because the trick with faking a smaller waist is all about dissecting the silhouette of your outfit and making tiny adjustments to how it wraps your body. Read up as I’ll be sharing my tips on how I make my waist visually appear smaller.

Tip #1: Ruffles

Not only ruffle clothes is one of the biggest trends for Spring/Summer 2017 season, but it’s also your best friend when trying to create an illusion of a smaller waist. Think about ruffles that way: if you wear a voluminous skirt or a top, these massive details create a contrast with your waistline and make it look tinier — in comparison with an otherwise voluminous look. The tricky thing with ruffles though is that your waistline could look bulkier if you pick the wrong ruffles placement. In my personal experience, skirts that feature ruffles on the trim and have a sleek design around waistline area are the most flattering for creating an illusion of Dita Von Teese waistline.

Tip #2: Belt It

When it comes to creating a tiny waist look, belts are your best friends as these accessories help to create a visual effect of a smaller waist. Especially if you put a belt on an oversized piece of clothes like a boyfriend-style shirt or a spacious dress. There is a whole controversy about what type of belts is better for waist-slimming purposes (some people say, slim belts while others believe that any belt will do), but if you ask me I would say it all depends on the specific outfit. A tiny belt is a great slimming tool if you wear it in combination with a mini ruffle dress (like the one I’m wearing in these photos), while a wide belt could be just as flattering if you combine it with a mini T-shirt dress (think Kylie Jenner style!).

Tip #3: Colorblock

I have a few dresses like that in my collection and these always do the trick of not only creating an illusion of a smaller waistline but also emphasizing the hourglass silhouette. The trick here is to look for a dress that features light shades of fabric in the middle and dark shades on the sides. Such color placement works like your highlighter and contouring powder: darker shades camouflage what you want to hide while lighter ones emphasize what you want to be seen. Last summer I featured a BooHoo dress that exactly reflects what I’m talking about: the dress features a white middle part and black details on the sides.

Tip #4: Shift The Focus

Whether you are picking a pencil skirt or high-waisted trousers, the idea here is to visually move your waistline up — so your legs look longer and your waist appears smaller. Another important moment is to always tuck your blouse or top in when you are wearing a high-waisted bottom. That way, this little bubble created with your top will contrast the slim-fitting skirt or pants and create an illusion that your waistline is much smaller than it actually is. Be careful with combining slim-fitting high-waisted bottoms with ruffle tops though as such combination could create an effect of bulky shoulders which is not what we are looking for.

Tip #5: It’s a Wrap

Ever since Diane von Furstenberg created her iconic wrap dress, women across the globe use this simple but effective design as universally flattering, always fashionable piece. I don’t know if you noticed, but wrap dresses never go out of style as they allow women of all sizes effortlessly emphasize the curves and look gorgeous for any occasion. Personally, I have a few wrap dresses in my collection (and, of course, I also one of the classic DVF wrap dresses) and these are my staple pieces not only for the days when I want to make my waistline look smaller but also for everyday wear.

* * * * *

These were my tips on how to make your waistline visually appear smaller. I wonder if you already knew about any of these? Maybe you have any additional ideas on how to fake a smaller waistline? Please share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments area below!

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