How to Look Younger?

Zenni Glossy Tortoiseshell Round Eyeglasses

It didn’t occur to me before I wore this look to NYFW that some people in my college think that I’m trying… to look younger! I’ve been studying just for few weeks at NYU and I’m already tired of comments like “Come on, you still look young!” or “Are you are a millennial or a Gen Xer?” Excuse me, fellow students, since when 30 is considered to be “old?!”

To be honest, I was probably talking the same when I was in my teens. If you asked me 10-15 years ago if 30 is considered to be a young age, I would most likely say no… Unfortunately, the “youth” period stops for many Russian women earlier due to the harsh climate they are living in. But here in America, I didn’t even think about my age before nosy college kids started asking me questions.

Spending a majority of my time online, I always think about myself as an ageless person. I can equally relate to a 15 years old teen posting her outfit shots on Instagram and a 65 years old woman sharing her life experiences. In other words, in my online life, the age question seems to be irrelevant. How come the age perception differs so drastically when I’m in the “real world?”

…My marketing teacher mentioned the other day that people in focus groups do not like to respond to a direct question about their age and prefer ten years increments to indicate their birth year. I was looking at her with my eyes wide open as for me there is nothing more natural than talking about my age. I share my date of birth left and right in the online sphere and I’m somewhat proud of saying “I’m in my 30th.”

If you remember my last year’s post where I was freaking out about entering the third decade, the moment I hit the mark, I stopped thinking about my age. To be honest, 30 feels exactly like 29… or 19 if that matters!

It might sound cheesy, but ever since I started eating vegan and started investing my time in charitable causes, the age question is no longer relevant to me. I’m feeling better about myself and the environment I’m living in. I stopped being anxious. I finally know what I want in life.

Considering the above, the question I asked in the title of this post is more philosophical that self-help oriented. Is there a need to look younger than you are? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. SO funny that people think they need to look younger or older. I don’t think age should matter at all! It’s all about how we feel on the inside

    Posted 12.1.16 Reply
  2. Lovely outfit) You look amazing!

    Posted 10.16.16 Reply
  3. ADA wrote:

    I think our age doesn’t define us, what we can do and how we can do it. Very well written. Your chambray jumpsuit, silver heels and choker are all beautiful!

    Welcome by and join my latest style linkup, every Thursday. The latest one is live, below.

    Thanks, Ada. ?

    Posted 10.13.16 Reply
  4. Hey I’m all for trying anything to look younger. Great chocker! I would love it you stopped by my link up and added this post if you get a chance :)

    Posted 10.12.16 Reply
  5. Tianna wrote:

    love this outfit and that lipstick! As a 27 year old, I don’t feel or look old ( in my opinion; who knows? maybe people think I do lol). In my thought, all I can do is be healthy and age gracefully if possible!

    Posted 10.11.16 Reply
  6. Shelby V. wrote:

    You are gorgeous and I loved reading this post! I also am obsessed with those frames! These are some great tips!

    xo, Shelby

    Posted 10.11.16 Reply
  7. Elle Duran wrote:

    I love this post! Especially in this time, I feel the same – we have access to connect with so many different people and generations that the borders between are blurry if not non-existent. 30 is not the end of anything and taking care of yourself is step number one to being happy no matter what age you are. Cheers to keeping healthy and pursuing dreams!

    Posted 10.11.16 Reply
  8. Heather wrote:

    You do look really young and once I turned 30 last November I didn’t care either!

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
  9. Brittany Boone wrote:

    Great tips and I am loving that jumpsuit girl!

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
  10. You look amazing! That denim jumper fits you perfectly and those shoes are so fun! Also love your lip color!

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
  11. love your outfit. you look so cute with glasses!

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
  12. Magda Ayuk wrote:

    Everything about this outfit is excellent! I love your chocker!

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
  13. Elise wrote:

    You’re beautiful!!! Love these photos. :)

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
  14. Lisa wrote:

    You always look amazing! I agree with you on the age thing, I’m 33 sometimes I still get asked for I.D. And other days I’m researching Botox and fillers lol!! I think it depends on how you feel on the inside!
    Lisa xx

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
  15. Nicholle Brainard wrote:

    Sophisticated chic! LOVE IT! I am right there with you on the age question people ask. You look beautiful and not like you are trying to look young…it’s a natural radiance xo

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
  16. Anna Monteiro wrote:

    Love the choker girlie! And of course the bold lip color!

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
  17. Love this look!thise shoes are amazing; totally in love!

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
  18. Cristina wrote:

    I’m 30 too and I don’t feel any need to try to look younger and when someone asks I don’t mind telling my age. I think every age is amazing in some way. I love the process of growing up and I’ve enjoyed the different experiences I’ve lived in my 20’s. I’m looking forward to seeing what my 30’s have in store for me!
    Life is a steeplechase and I can’t wait to live all the different stages :)

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
  19. Sydnie Lazina wrote:

    I hope a lot of people read this, its encouraging to hear from someone who isnt worried about getting older! Thnk you for sharing :)

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
  20. As long as you’re feeling better, that’s all that matters!

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
  21. Brooke & Meggan wrote:

    30 is the new 20 ;)

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
  22. Sara wrote:

    Love this statement in your post…In other words, in my online life, the age question seems to be irrelevant. How come the age perception differs so drastically when I’m in the “real world?” I’m a couple of decades older than you and in the real world people are fascinated by my age and ask me about it often. Great post!

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
  23. You look amazing in the jumpsuit! Love this post! I’m 33 and absolutely love it!

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
  24. Gorgeous outfit and I love especially the choker. Gemma x

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
  25. Michael Yarbrough wrote:

    Katya, you look great! And I like the design of your blog!

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply