How to Look Younger?

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It didn’t occur to me before I wore this look to NYFW that some people in my college think that I’m trying… to look younger! I’ve been studying just for few weeks at NYU and I’m already tired of comments like “Come on, you still look young!” or “Are you are a millennial or a Gen Xer?” Excuse me, fellow students, since when 30 is considered to be “old?!”

To be honest, I was probably talking the same when I was in my teens. If you asked me 10-15 years ago if 30 is considered to be a young age, I would most likely say no… Unfortunately, the “youth” period stops for many Russian women earlier due to the harsh climate they are living in. But here in America, I didn’t even think about my age before nosy college kids started asking me questions.

Spending a majority of my time online, I always think about myself as an ageless person. I can equally relate to a 15 years old teen posting her outfit shots on Instagram and a 65 years old woman sharing her life experiences. In other words, in my online life, the age question seems to be irrelevant. How come the age perception differs so drastically when I’m in the “real world?”

…My marketing teacher mentioned the other day that people in focus groups do not like to respond to a direct question about their age and prefer ten years increments to indicate their birth year. I was looking at her with my eyes wide open as for me there is nothing more natural than talking about my age. I share my date of birth left and right in the online sphere and I’m somewhat proud of saying “I’m in my 30th.”

If you remember my last year’s post where I was freaking out about entering the third decade, the moment I hit the mark, I stopped thinking about my age. To be honest, 30 feels exactly like 29… or 19 if that matters!

It might sound cheesy, but ever since I started eating vegan and started investing my time in charitable causes, the age question is no longer relevant to me. I’m feeling better about myself and the environment I’m living in. I stopped being anxious. I finally know what I want in life.

Considering the above, the question I asked in the title of this post is more philosophical that self-help oriented. Is there a need to look younger than you are? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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