How to Make Your Weekend Better

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All week long, you’ve been excited about Friday coming and looking forward to the weekend, but here it comes and all you have managed to do is to go out once and do your laundry. While I don’t recommend implementing time management skills on the weekend (save them for Monday), I do think it’s possible to elevate your weekend. Today I collaborate with Bailey 44 to style a perfect weekend look and share my tips on how to make your two-day break more productive, memorable, and enjoyable.

Tip #1: Dress Up

Bailey44 Twisted Pair Sweater in Navy

I know how much you love your yoga pants, but it’s a fashion crime to wear those all weekend long! Instead, stick to timeless pieces such as this gorgeous sweater by Bailey 44. This pullover is not only chic and cozy, but also appropriate for any occasion—from a brunch with your besties to a date night with your significant other. In fact, on the day Ben took those photos of me, we went everywhere from stores to shop for a winter outfit to our favorite restaurant for dinner, and to a theater for a movie premier. So if you ask my opinion, a cozy and stylish sweater is perfect weekend attire.

Bailey44 Twisted Pair Sweater Navy 1

Bailey 44 Twisted Pair Sweater comes in a perfect length

I love the asymmetric multi-layered design of Bailey 44 sweater as it really stands out amongst other knitwear pieces. It looks refined and edgy, but not too trendy, so you can wear this piece for many years to come. Another great thing about this pullover is that it comes in a perfect length, which allows styling the piece not only with pants, but also with a mini dress or a skirt. Since my sweater comes in navy (there is also a grey version available), I decided to style it with a mustard ruffle dress and knee-high boots. Last weekend, when it was colder in New York, I wore the sweater with tight black leather pants and matching ankle boots.

Bailey44 Navy Sweater

You can also style this sweater by Bailey 44 with skinny pants or jeans

If you have a moment, I also recommend you checking out Bailey 44 website. In addition to fine woven and jersey knits that you may instantly fall in love with, there are also gorgeous dresses, tops, jackets, pants and more. Those pieces are designed for women that appreciate the modern and chic look, excellent fit, and well-thought details. If you follow my blog for a while, you probably remember my Bailey 44 black eco leather and chiffon dress that I’ve been wearing non-stop since the moment I purchased it. I absolutely love this dress, as it looks modern and feminine without being too edgy. Based on my personal experience, I have to say that Bailey 44 dresses are definitely versatile, high quality, and timeless.

Bailey44 Twisted Pair Sweater Review

Tip #2: Indulge

I used to have headaches over the weekend because I didn’t drink enough water and tried to skip my regular routine of drinking coffee. Well, it was definitely not the right approach, because maintaining a balanced level of caffeine at all times is the proper way to manage your addiction ;)) These days, I’m getting a bit too fancy with my weekend drinks. I skip my regular “coffee-and-cream-no-sugar-please” routine and indulge in cappuccinos and lattes. Needless to say, this move dramatically improved my weekend satisfaction.

Diane von Furstenberg 'Olivia' Embossed Clutch

Tip #3: Read

It’s probably one of the signs of growing up, but I can’t find the time to read books. My whole life I’ve been such a bookworm, and now, all I can find time for is a chapter before bed and double that on the weekend. I noticed that I feel much more confident about myself when I dedicate more time to reading. It makes me feel that I’m not stuck at my current intellectual level, but rather improving with every book I finish. Give it a try and I’m sure that you will see how different you feel about yourself. Not to mention that such an old school habit is actually a great reminder that there is something more than just an online reality.

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Tip #4: Explore

Ben and I have an unwritten rule for the weekends that we are going to spend time in the City. Each weekend, we try to explore one New York neighborhood that we haven’t been to for a while. It could be either a dedicated shopping trip or a brunch with friends living in another district—the idea is to get out of your regular home-work-home circuit and learn more about the city you are living in. Arrive a half an hour before your meeting to just walk around and enjoy the scenery. Guaranteed, it will feel like a mini vacation…one you can enjoy as many weekends as you wish.

Bailey44 Twisted Pair Sweater How To Wear

Tip #5: Sweat

The weekend is a time dedicated to relaxing, but it’s definitely not a time to make excuses. While I totally understand how difficult it might be to force yourself to get out of bed on Saturday morning, I’m also into the idea that physical activity is your ticket to a better and healthier life. Having said this, I try to find tricks that will force me to do my workout with no excuses. Every once in a while I invite my friends to join me at the gym. I also try to treat my workout as an appointment (with a corresponding calendar reminder and alert). To be completely honest, I don’t always follow through with this piece of advice, but when I do, I feel so good about myself for the rest of the day that a little sweat is totally worth the effort.

Bailey44 Twisted Pair Sweater 1

Bailey44 Twisted Pair Sweater (c/o; also comes in grey) / Thakoon Dress (sold out; similar)
DVF Olivia Clutch (sold out; similar)Stuart Weitzman Nudemiswoon Boot
Happiness Boutique Crystal Black Tassel Earrings / LAQA Lil’ Lip Lipstick