In my house, there are two main places where I store my makeup, skincare, and hair care products. It’s my office where I have the majority of my makeup collection and record photos and videos and my bathroom where I do my hair, use skincare products and put on everyday makeup. While my makeup room is being updated regularly as I constantly receive packages and declutter items that I no longer use, I haven’t been working on upgrading my bathroom stash for a while.

This Spring, I finally gave my second beauty room a well-needed makeover―with the help of Moen, a brand I’m collaborating with to create this post and a video. I hope after watching it you’ll be inspired to give your bathroom a little makeover too as I’ve already been impressed with what a big difference that little change makes.

Step #1: Make a Fresh Start

I’m not following any recommendations of specific schools of decluttering (like Marie Kondo and others), but I always love to start cleaning from emptying out all the shelves in the space you are planning on cleaning. By doing so, you can give furniture some deep cleaning while being more efficient with eliminating any items that need to be thrown away.

Step #2: Bring On the Lights

When everything is out of your way, think about what you’ve always wanted to change in your room, but never had a chance to do so. For me, it was definitely a new light. Every time I need to pluck in my brows or apply makeup, I have to go to Ben’s bathroom or to my makeup room as the lighting in my bathroom was never bright enough.

This season, I finally installed new lights and I couldn’t be happier as now I can finally see what is going on while applying makeup―instead of finding it out when I’m outside in a good lighting. This beautiful four lights fixture is by Moen and it’s so perfect for the space. Not only it brings the light to the entire room, but it also perfectly matches existing bathroom design. Now, with new Moen lights installed, I can finally call my bathroom an actual makeup room as it’s finally perfectly lighted up.

Step #3: Install Extra Shelves

It might be a bold statement, but I feel that any bathroom could use some extra shelves. Whether you a skincare addict or just a girl with a regular beauty collection, there is always a need to organize your collection just a little better. This year, I finally installed a corner shelf in my bathroom to store all of my hair products. Those recent additions really helped to open up some space in my bathroom cabinet and underneath the sink area so I highly recommend picking similar shelving solutions for your home. There is a great selection of affordable bathroom shelving on Amazon. To make your life easier, I created a publicly accessible list of my favorite picks that you can refer to while looking for a new bathroom shelving solution.

Step #4: Deep-Clean the Room

Usually, I will bring a few large baskets to my bathroom where I put all of the skincare, haircare, and makeup products that I own. I then move filled baskets in a hallway so these are out of my way. I use cleaning supplies to properly disinfect and clean all surfaces and shelves in the room, use bleach to clean the bathtub, and map the floors with anti-bacterial floor soap. I will then allow everything air-dry and put on a fan to eliminate a chemical smell that the room might have. Finally, I will light a candle to bring a relaxing scent to the room.

Step #5: Change a Shower Curtain

I have that thing about shower curtains as I change them religiously. Well, prior to saying so I have to mention that I have two curtains in my bathroom: one is a ruffle one which is actually a display one and a cheap plastic one underneath. I buy the plastic one in bulk on Amazon and change it every month or so. Every time I clean my bathroom, I put a new one on and it immediately feels like the entire bathroom is refreshed.

Step #6: Zone Your Cabinets

I noticed that I end up forgetting about certain products if Imix hair and skin products on one shelf. In opposition, by creating different areas fora different type of products you are able to see an entire range in the same category and thus experiment more with different products.

Usually, I store tall haircare product bottles underneath the sink area and dedicate entire cabinet to skincare products. I know it might seem excessive but at this point, it’s my job to test new products regularly so I can report back to you guys with my recommendations.

Step #7: Organize Your Hair Styling Tools

Perhaps it was the most difficult are for me to organize. I have way too many heating tools and they started occupying an entire sink cabinet. I decluttered my heating device collection and decided to store my essentials by hanging them by a cord on the back of the bathroom door. When it comes to brushes and combs, I organized those in one square basket underneath the sink facing upwards (so I see which one I’m planning to grab).

Step #8: Set-up a Beauty Supplies Area

Another source of potential mess is beauty supplies like cotton swabs and rounds, that’s why I love storing them in dedicated baskets. Usually, I put cotton rounds in a woven basket and carry cotton swaps in a Birchbox packaging. I also purchased a jewelry organizer where I carry all of my hair ties, bobby pins, and other small items like that. By doing so I save lots of space and feel that the entire space is more organized.

Step #9: De-Clutter Samples

I subscribe to so many beauty boxes that sometimes my beauty samples collection is getting out of control. To keep the space neat and organized, I have a dedicated paper bag where I store all of the samples and another one for the products that I used out. It might seem that those bags take up space, but in reality, they are actually helping to keep things tidy so I don’t have all those supplies across the bathroom.

Step #10: Display

When you went through updating your storage solutions and cleaned everything up, it’s time to go though your beauty stack one by one and throw away any expired items or those you no longer use and store them beautifully in the assigned areas.

* * * * *

I hope you enjoy my tips and tricks on how to make your bathroom a more functional and convenient room to use. I would love to hear your ideas on how to declutter your beauty collection for the new season and Spring-clean your bathroom. Please share your ideas in the comments area below!

HOW TO SPRING-CLEAN YOUR BATHROOMDisclosure: This post is brought to you by Moen. All opinions are my own.


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