How to Spring-Clean Your Blog

15 Ways to Spring Clean Your Blog

There is something special about spring that motivates so many people to clean up their lives, apartments, wardrobes, and thoughts in preparation for the warm season. I am no exception here; I’ve been in a de-cluttering mood for the last few weeks. My desk, calendar, house, social media accounts, and many more areas of my life are much simpler and easy to navigate now. Finally, it’s time to audit and update my blog! Today, I’m sharing with you my go-to tips on how to make your blog more user-friendly and clutter-free. 

1. Update your ‘About’ and ‘Featured’ pages

Those are the most visited pages on your blog (don’t believe me? check your Google Analytics!) so make sure the information there is current. Include the list of the collaborations you’ve been working on for the last year and check to make sure all the links are current and working. Also, consider updating your profile photo, especially if you changed your hairstyle recently. Finally, make sure your “About” page contains your email address.

2. Delete posts that are irrelevant or that you’re not proud of

This tip is inspired by a recent episode of my favorite podcast, Smart Passive Income. One of Pat Flynn’s show guests deleted a third of his posts and tripled his blog’s traffic. I don’t recommend taking such a dramatic cut and deleting all your hard work, but a look through old posts that you never actually liked might be a good idea.

3. Delete unused tags and categories

Having a lot of tags that you use only once or twice doesn’t provide any benefits for your blog’s SEO. Be strategic about labeling your posts and make sure to create only tags that you’ll be using all the time. For instance, I keep only a few tags for my outfit posts: chic look, casual look, preppy look, bohemian look, and formal look. You can use a similar technique or, perhaps, divide your looks according to season. That way, you’ll have only four tags for your outfit posts: spring, summer, fall, and winter.

4. Review your social media scheduling accounts

Many bloggers use such services as Buffer, MeetEdgar, and CoSchedule to organize their social media shares, but not that many take the time to create a social media posts calendar. Spring is a perfect time to finally do it!

Consider the following types of posts that you can schedule on a regular basis:

types of social media content

5. Tweak your blog design

You probably have a few design changes in mind that you always wanted to make, but never had a chance to accomplish. It’s time to finally get them done! Spring-cleaning means making your blog look and feel more professional, and a neat design is an important part of making it happen.

6. Go through your posts and answer every comment

This the most difficult tip that I wish I used myself! I’m known for letting comments pile up until I can’t handle responding to all of them. However, this Spring I’m dedicated to reviewing all the comments I receive. Supposedly, it’ll help me to understand what my readers want to read more about. A side benefit: last time I did this, my traffic boomed!

7. Create a freebie and start collecting email addresses

Ask any marketing pro and they’ll confirm that the money is in the list. It’s time to start working in that direction too! Many bloggers wait too long trying to create a perfect freebie (preferably a 100-page-long e-book), but in reality, all you need is a simple checklist or guide that helps people solve some kind of problem. Share your knowledge with the world in exchange for people’s email. It’s super simple and it works!

8. Update covers of your Pinterest boards

This update will take just 15 minutes, but you’ll notice how satisfying and effective it is. Bright, standout covers bring people’s attention to your Pinterest account, which eventually leads to more traffic for your blog.

9. Update your newsletter layout

People love consistency, but it never hurts to spice things up a little bit. Add some new series to your newsletter to make it unique, change the fonts or template’s dividers, make your photos clickable… Be thankful to the people who signed up to your list and so make sure to send only high-quality, well-organized content!

10. (Finally) create an editorial calendar

I’d been struggling with this one for a long time until I decided to go old school and purchase a paper monthly planner (I still have social media content organized via CoSchedule, though). Figure out what and on what day you write, and try to stick to that schedule. Also, it’s much easier to stay organized if you feature a few series on your blog. That way, you know exactly what to post on a certain day of the week. Not to mention that your readers also love consistency.

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