I didn’t write about New York Fashion Week on the blog this season (instead, I sent the update to my newsletter subscribers), but this is one of the looks that I wore to the shows. Well, with a slight modification. Since it was the day of the blizzard, I had to wear this mini dress with combat boots and black tights. To be honest, it happened to become one of the most comfortable NYFW outfits as I’m always wearing high heels. I repeated the original look with over the knee boots and it looked completely different, especially when I decided to style it with a different coat.

You probably noticed this cute body necklace that I wear over my dress and I have to say that it’s my current favorite way to make any solid color dress look a bit different. I remember how back in a day stylists suggested to spice up your typical little black dress with a cute scarf, but at this day and age it’s more about necklaces. Chokers, colorful pendant necklaces, charms… All of these accessories add something new to the outfit and make it look so different.

A few words about my coat. It’s one of my recent purchases and it’s not the warmest coat around… but I just couldn’t resist as it comes in such pretty shade of pink! To be honest, I feel that a light pink shade (cotton candy inspired) is one of those colors that motivate me to buy things that I don’t necessarily need. Back in a day, glitter had similar effect to me and now my wardrobe is full of tender pink shades. Why is it happening?

Finally, my response to a question that I received on Instagram. A reader asked how I keep my OTK boots from sliding down. It might sound a bit weird, but in my experience it’s all about wearing your boots without tights. Pantyhose is made out of super silky material that forces your boots to go down while these stay put if you are wearing just socks underneath your boots. I know, for some of you it might sound too cold not wearing tights in winter, but that’s exactly what I do.

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Body Necklace (these jewelry pieces are so trendy)
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