How to Style Two Striped Pieces in One Look

How to style two stripe pieces of clothes in one outfitRemember my recent new blog series on Spring 2017 trends? I jump started it by saying that stripes will be super trendy for the upcoming season and that I was planning on updating my collection with a few stripe items. A few days after this post I started spring cleaning my wardrobe and found the ruffle top you see in these photos. I’ve been wearing it a few times in real life, but somehow it never made it to the blog so I decided to share with you my ideas on how to style it. I believe that those tips will be helpful as stripe clothes is gaining popularity as never before for the upcoming season. Today I’d like to concentrate on how to wear two stripe pieces of clothing in one outfit without feeling that it’s too much to handle.

To put simply, the trick with wearing similar patterns together is to find pieces that feature stripes of different width or directions so these are not clashing. As you see in the example with my ruffle top, it features tiny diagonal stripes while the pattern on my skirt consists of wider horizontal stripes. It could be another way around: wide stripe sandals and tiny stripes suit; wide stripe top and small stripe pants, etc.

Another thing to keep in mind is color coordination. While many fashionistas could pull off wearing not only stripes of different width and directions, but also different colors, I personally prefer staying in my comfort zone when it comes to combining similar pattern pieces in one outfit. Saying so, for this look I picked a skirt that goes in a same light blue color theme as the top.

To go even further in keeping the look in gray-light blue-white shade range, I pulled out of the closet my old favorite sandals that I didn’t wear for years. As I mentioned before, I’m going through a major closet clean-up and these are about to go so I’m enjoying the last few wears that I can get out of those shoes. While some pieces go to the donation box, I have some newcomers in my collection like this miniature bag by Zac Posen. It’s so tiny and so adorable—I simply couldn’t resist having it in my collection! Especially because it comes in gray shade which perfectly matches my favorite suede OTK boots.

I wonder if you have any tips and tricks on how to wear two pattern pieces in one look? If so, please share your ideas in the comments area below. If you are a blogger, simply provide the link to your favorite match pattern look from your blog so my readers can learn more about you and your style!

OUTFIT DETAILS: StyleKeepers Ruffle Top (more gorgeous stripe tops to choose from)
Club Monaco Rosalind Skirt (more skirts like this one) // Le Specs Cat Eye Sunglasses
ZAC Zac Posen Eartha Bag (also comes in bigger size and different colors)
Light Blue Heel Sandals (the best selection of spring sandals is here)

ZAC Zac Posen Eartha Bag in Grey


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  1. Sheila wrote:

    Wow, love these two sets of stripes together! Great tips.

    Posted 3.29.17 Reply
  2. Louis Dupond wrote:
    Posted 3.24.17 Reply
  3. This is an amazing outfit, that top is perfect and works so well with the skirt.

    Posted 3.22.17 Reply
  4. sheismelrose wrote:

    I will love to wear your outfit the ruffles is gorgeous

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  5. Chloe wrote:

    Wow! This look is so feminine and chic! I’ve been seeing so much stripes lately! I love how you mixed different stripes together. :) Def need to get some stripes in my closet, haha!

    xo, Chloe //

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
    • Yep, stripes are super trendy this season! Definitely check out this trend in spring – it will look gorgeous on you!

      Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  6. Dressed With Soul wrote:

    Wow, this look is definitely perfect!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply
  7. MihaBalan wrote:

    I think you nailed this look and manage to put 2 trends in one look. My recent pattern look was this one

    Posted 3.21.17 Reply