How to Style Your Hair During Fashion Week

How to Style Your Hair During Fashion Week

I don’t know how other fashion bloggers are dealing with it, but I seem to never have time to style my hair during fashion week. At this point of my professional blogger life, I already mastered the art of applying makeup while in the cab or subway, but what can you do with my hair without all the styling tools on hand? Since I failed figuring it out myself, I decided to ask for help Gregory Patterson, Celebrity Ambassador for Sally Beauty and the Project Runway Season 14 & 15 Celebrity Hairstylist. My question was how to create different hairstyle looks that will last all day long.

I met Gregory Patterson at the Alison Brod office where Gregory styled my hair himself. Then, I created a few hairstyles out of this blow-dry myself and organized a test drive for those hairstyles when I went out for a few meetings later that day. While it never happens with my straight and fine hair, my easy waves by Patterson lasted for the rest of the day! I also had a nice messy hair look the next morning so I revamped it with a few spritzes of dry shampoo and called it a good hair day again.

This hair experiment made me think that perhaps I was mistaken last few NYFW seasons by washing my hair daily. It totally makes sense to try prolonging the lifespan of my “do” for as long as possible—and save all that hair styling time for getting more of the Vitamin Zzzzz.

How to Style Your Hair During Fashion Week

Tip #1: Add Texture To Your Hair In The Morning

The main tip that Gregory shared was to spend a few seconds at the beginning of the day to add a nice texture to your hair. By doing so, you will have that many more options to wear your hair in different ways!

Gregory Says: “Build the texture into your hair first. So whether you pick shaggy beachy waves or cool flat iron waves, it’s a perfect texture for hats. It’s also a perfect texture to built underneath the braid. And then the next show you can take your braid out and you still have that texture in there.”

How-To: Wash your hair as usually and blow-dry it with a hair dryer. That way, you’ll be able to add volume to the roots of your hair and ensure that your easy curls do not get frizzy.

My Take: If you have short hair like mine, adding curls or waves to your hair will take just a few minutes. If you have long hair, try putting it into a high ponytail and curl just the ends—that way you’ll save lots of time on adding texture to your hair! Also, don’t forget to use a good texturizing spray after you finished using your hair styling tools.

How to Style Your Hair During Fashion Week

Tip #2: Pick A Different Part

While girls are often guilty of wearing their hair on the same side all the time, Gregory recommended flipping your hair to different sides so your hairstyle always looks different. He also explained that by flipping your hair a few times per day you make your hairstyle visually appear more voluminous.

Gregory Says: “When you are going from show to show, I would recommend starting with your texture in the morning and towards your last show I would flip your part. Add a styling cream, get an ear part, and it’s an easy and quick way to change your look. In addition, this trick will bring back all that volume and you will always be photographed looking differently.”

How-To: Have a miniature comb and a hair cream with you all times so you can easily flip your hair and tame unruly hairs.

My Take: Have a few different lipsticks in your handbag so every time you change your hairstyle, your makeup also looks different!

How to Style Your Hair During Fashion Week

Tip #3: Fake It Till You Make It

If you have a set of clip-on hair extensions or the bangs, fashion week is the right time to pull them out. These hair accessories will immediately change your look and even camouflage some of the hair imperfections. The best part—you can incorporate colored hair extensions so you are not only changing the length but also the shade of your hair.

Gregory Says: “If you want to participate in the bangs trend, get them as clip-ons. You can also use clip-ons for instant changes of your hair length. I love adding just a few pieces to add a bit of more density and length, and then you can just snap them out and go to your original hairstyle.”

How-To: Even if you don’t have any clip-on hair in your collection, you can still “fake” the bangs by directing the front part of hair towards face and securing it behind your ear with Bobby Pins.

My Take: While I never tried hair clip-ons, I did wear a wig for fashion week a few years ago. If you are comfortable wearing wigs, it might be the easiest way to change your entire look. Be prepared though that some of your fashion industry friends might not recognize you while rocking this new look!

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Finally, a bit of fashion week wisdom from me: regardless how much time you have to get ready for the event, always have a backup outfit planned that incorporates a cute hat. While it’s important to bring your best beauty and fashion styles during the fashion week, sometimes you simply don’t have time for anything—and a nice hat is a perfect solution for all sorts of hair situations.