How To Survive Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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New York Fashion Week brings to my life a lot of excitement and inspiration, but at the same time it a very busy and hectic time when I always feel that there are not enough hours in the day. Over my years of living in New York, I developed some strategies that help me to survive New York Fashion Week. Today I am sharing these survival tips with you.

 #1: Do not dress trendy. Go for classic pieces that will work in any situation

In my opinion, it is always safe to wear classic pieces like a little black dress over fashion week. In such an outfit, you might not get photographed for The Sartorialist and Street Peeper, but you will be dressed appropriately for any situation. Whether you are having backstage fun in the tents, after-show drinks, sample sales or parties… No matter where you go, a little dress (not necessarily black, white dress is great too!) will do it.

#2: Concealer and bright lipstick will make you look fresh

When I have so many events to attend and so little time to sleep, it unavoidably reflects on my skin. That is why I make sure to always have in my bag a concealer to erase dark circles under my eyes (I usually use Touche Éclat Radiant Touch by Yves Saint Laurent), a bright lipstick that distracts people’s attention from above mentioned dark circles (try Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté in Orange Shiver), and some Starbucks napkins to remove excess oil from my skin (I wrote about this trick here; trust me, it is incredible!)

#3: Wear expensive and comfortable shoes

This tip is the most important to keep in mind while navigating through your hectic NYFW schedule. First of all, people really pay attention to your shoes, especially if you are in a fashion crowd. Second of all, price and quality go together. In my experience, the most comfortable shoes to wear are those created by Salvatore Ferragamo, Christian Louboutin, and Fendi. High heels by these brands look very beautiful; nevertheless, you are actually able to walk in them, not just stand. Among less expensive but still comfortable and good-looking shoe brands that I would recommend are Ivanka Trump and LK Bennett.

 #4: Never run out of phone battery juice

Make sure to have a charger with you, especially if you are planning to take pictures on your phone. I personally love chargers and extra batteries by Mophie. These devices look great, do not take too much room in your bag, and provide a couple of hours of extra battery life for your phone. I currently own Mophie Powerstation (which is great), and think about purchasing Mophie Juice Pack Helium case (I had one for iPhone 4 and really liked it).

#5: Always have business cards on you

Business cards might feel obsolete, but they really work. First of all, you never know whom you could meet over New York Fashion Week, and it would be sad to miss new connections only because you were not prepared to provide people with your contact information. Second of all, when you meet so many people over the fashion week, a business card is a great reminder about who you are; it works better than a phone entry like “Katya blogger.” Also, make sure to always have a pen with you in case you want to provide some additional information on your card or to jot down some ideas that you might have.

 #6: Make sure to have cash; plastic is not always the answer

I prefer using my credit card as opposed to cash because printed money takes too much room in my wallet, but over the New York Fashion Week I always make sure to have some cash on me. Sometimes when you buy a bottle of water from the street vendor, pay for cab whose meter got broken, or pay for items that you found at a sample sale, cash is the only available payment option. Cash saves your valuable time over fashion week, and that is why it is important to always have cash on you.

 #7: Get the weight off your shoulders

This tip might sound a bit weird, but do not put too much stuff in your bag. I make this mistake all the time; as a result my back often hurts and I end up taking massages every other day. Walking in high heels is already a huge stress for your body, so do not make it more difficult by adding extra weight on your shoulders.

 These were my must-have tips for survival during Fashion Week. I wonder what are yours?