How to Throw a Victoria’s Secret Themed Party

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015 Runway 6

If there is one company that never fails to organize a spectacular show, it’s Victoria’s Secret. I am always amazed how they manage to put together the world’s most beautiful models, spectacular lingerie pieces, and powerful musical accompaniment. As of now, I only saw photos of this year’s Victoria Secret Fashion Show and these look spectacular (in fact, I am sharing some of them in this blog post). The show will be aired this upcoming Thursday, December 8, at 10:00 pm EST (9:00 pm CT) on CBS. I’m planning to watch the show in the company of my besties at our own “Angel Party.” Read up on how you can throw one yourself! Also, scroll down to get a sneak peek at some of the photos from the upcoming show!

Beachwear Curling Iron / Beachwaver Hair Clips / Mega Lift Mousse / High-Shine  Hair Serum
Beachwear Hair Clips / Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Flavored Gloss 

Bombshell Swarovski Limited Edition Fragrance

The Makeup: The key to creating an Angel’s look is sun kissed skin, big lashes, and a balmy nude lips. Your must-have beauty products are a bronzer, peachy or rosy blush, and a lip gloss. The bronzed skin tone look might be difficult to achieve for girls with such pale skin as I have, but we can still add a bit of definition by using a highlighter. My current favorite is Benefit WattsUp as it looks amazing on camera and works for any skin tone. When it comes to lip gloss, I have a lot of them, but for the sake of Victoria Secret’s show I’ll be using their brand. My favorite shades that smell and taste super delicious are Love Berry and Candy Baby.

The Hair: Victoria Secret’s Angels are famous for their stunning, but effortless looking curls that are actually not that difficult to repeat in real life. All you have to do is to prep your hair by applying a volumizing mousse, curl your hair using a medium curling iron (here is a secret for you, a lead hairstylist for Victoria’s Secret show, Akki Shirakawa used a Beachwear curling iron to create the runway look), and to finish up with a touch of a hair spray (if your hair is oily) or a shining serum (if your hair is dry). For ladies with short hair, I recommend wearing a cute ribbon headband or spicing up the look with a pretty hairpiece.

The Outfit: I think it goes without saying that a Victoria’s Secret lingerie is mandatory (don’t check if everybody follows the rule though!), clothing and shoes—optional. If you feel super dedicated, pick something from official VS Fashion Show Gear collection or from one of two limited collections: Ice Angel and Pink Fashion Show (available on 12/3). For your convenience, I’ve listed some of the pieces below. Just a quick tip here, if you really love some of the pieces, don’t wait until the showtime to purchase them—limited collections usually go out of stock within the day of release.

The Decor: The more glitter—the better! Start from a cute tablecloth and minimalist tableware. Refresh your room with fresh flowers and a few candles. In case you want to go completely fancy, create a custom made glitter place cards and spritz some confetti on the table. If you are on Pinterest, check out my board Gold & Glitter where I pinned dozens of affordable glitter decor ideas.

The Snacks: Opt for easy and cute looking appetizers like raw veggies and fruit canapé and do not serve first course at all. Those hors d’oeuvres will satisfy your late evening appetite and will not require too much prep time. A nice cheese plate will also do the trick, especially if paired with grapes of different colors and a few gluten free cracker options. For dessert, pick a box of macaroons as I don’t know any girl who does not like those pretty sweets!

The Drinks: Definitely champagne! Serve bubbly in flute glasses and don’t forget about chilling your drinks a few hours before the party. To put your drinks on a totally new level, try adding a tiny piece of a frozen peach or tangerine—your guests will appreciate a new accent added to a classic drink choice.

Okay, now when you are ready for Angel Party, let’s check out some of my favorite outfits from the show.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015 Runway 3Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015 Runway 5Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015 Runway 4Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015 Runway 8