How to Wear Color on Valentine’s Day

I was going through my Instagram the other day and noticed that all the looks my blogger friends dedicate to Valentine’s Day are playing around three main colors. Black (because it’s universal). Red (because it’s a color of love. Is it?). And pink (because it’s cute). While I’m also guilty of associating certain colors with a specific holiday, this year I feel like I’ll be the most colorful dressed Valentine’s date ever.

As you see in these photos, from being a monochrome enthusiast I went all the way to combining red, pink, blue, black, and silver to create one whimsical Valentine’s Day look. Because why not? Similar to how we ladies always pick a new set of lingerie for February 14th, why not trying something new when it comes to fashion? Especially because it’s a fashion week season and I’ll be running to our dinner reservation straight from the runway show.

While not all of my readers are that adventurous with color, I decided to share my tips on how to make any Valentine’s Day look just bit more colorful. I can’t wait to hear what you think about these suggestions. Please let me know in the comments area below if you consider incorporating some of these tips while planning your Valentine’s Day outfit.

Tip #1: Say It With Jewelry

While wearing a colorful outfit might feel a bit intimidating (especially during the cold season), bright jewelry is always a great idea! Whether it’s a bright stone necklace (mine is by Jane Stone; c/o), a waterfall of colorful bracelets, or just a pair of colored pearl studs, such little details will ensure that your overall classy look gets a bit more color traction.

Tip #2: The Tight Focus

This tip works especially great if you prefer wearing all black outfits. Such cute detail as bright red, pink, blue, yellow tights—any color you could imagine—immediately add a breath of fresh air to the outfit. If you want to go even more adventurous, try matching the color of your tights with your eye makeup or accessories.

Tip #3: All Eyes On You

Another easy to implement tip is to try a bit more colorful eye makeup. Think about warm shades of pink, purple, and burgundy, or perhaps consider a cold blue palette. The idea here is not to go overboard with color. Saying so, pick a nude shade of lipstick if you decide to go with a bold eye look.

Tip #4: Covered In Silk

Sometimes all you need to make a fashion statement is to add a colorful scarf. Think about a twill scarf or an oversized shawl—depending on what type of dress and coat you are wearing. Check out my blog post from a couple of years ago where I provide 7 ideas on how to style a colorful scarf.

Tip #5: Grab a Rainbow

Even if you decided on all black outfit, a colorful clutch or a shoulder bag will be such a nice accent to add. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel that you can totally wear the exact same dress over and over again—if you always wear a new colorful handbag.

Tip #6: On Your Fingertips

Another personal favorite idea is to paint your nails in a colorful shade. Or, if you have a bit more time, apply Valentine’s Day inspired nail wraps. I love the idea that you’ll be wearing the same nail look for at least few days which is a great opportunity to stay in romantic mood a bit longer.

Tip #7: Statement Shoes

Finally, a pair of colorful shoes goes a long way! Whether you are sticking to a monochrome shoe or a mix of colors, brightly colored footwear always adds to the outfit. You can go even further and upgrade your colorful shoes with a pair of cute lace socks for extra shot of cuteness!

* * * * *

I hope this roundup was helpful and I inspired you to add color to your wardrobe. Please let me know in the comments area below if you ended up using one of these tips on Valentine’s Day! Wishing you to have a wonderful time celebrating this romantic holiday!

MY OUTFIT: Hutch Dress // Rebecca Minkoff Bag // ASOS Shoes
Le Specs Sunnies // Jane Stone Necklace (c/o)


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  1. Nikki Living-Life wrote:

    I am guilty of wearing red :) Love your use of combing colors. Great accessories as well. That bag is super cute. You look darling ❤


    Posted 2.13.17 Reply
    • Red is good!!! In fact, it’s one of my favorite colors! I’m just trying to experiment a little bit more this year!

      Posted 2.15.17 Reply
  2. Amy Huynh wrote:

    Love the color blocks and style tips! Beautiful dress =)

    Posted 2.13.17 Reply