How to  Wear the Corduroy Trend for Fall 2017

How to Wear the Corduroy Trend for Fall 2017

I remember how back in a day I had major fights with my mom as I resisted wearing my corduroy school uniform. I hated the mandatory school attire so much that I was secretly changing in school’s bathroom in more fashionable attire. Guess what? This season, the retro fabric is getting a major comeback and I find the corduroy circa 2017 much more flattering and fun to style!

The New Basic

Corduroy fabric is warm and versatile which makes it a major competitor to denim. This fall, try switching your favorite jeans with the corduroy trousers—to create a more refined and chic look. The best thing about this new hot fabric is that it already has a pattern in itself so you don’t need to think too much about spicing it up with jewelry and colorful tops.

Autumnal Vibes

Corduroy is one of the traditional fall fabric and it looks especially stylish if it comes in autumnal hues like burgundy, chestnut, and canary yellow. Consider trying a piece of clothing in your favorite color—but in a corduroy version—and you will notice how it starts sending you major fall vibes.

All In? Why Not!

Whether you are working at the office or just looking for a new trendy look, consider picking an oversized 1970s suit. Regardless which color you decide on, this ultimate retro attire is incredibly easy to style. Add a turtleneck top or a classic tee, slip in your favorite flats and add some earrings—here comes your trendiest fall attire.

The IT Piece

If you are planning on spicing up your fall wardrobe with just one piece of corduroy clothing, let it be a blazer. Pick as structured or as loose silhouette as you wish—a corduroy blazer breaks all the fashion rules as it looks good with anything!

Let The Color Speak

To create your ultimate fall statement look, pick bold colors for your corduroy clothes. For instance, I opted in for this bright light blue shade skirt as it brings a trendy twist to this overall classic skirt design.

* * * * *

If you didn’t catch on Instagram, this Saturday we celebrated World Corduroy Day. What a big name for a fabric, right? I guess it means that corduroy designs are here to stay—and  I don’t mind at all as I finally started appreciating corduroy fabric.

Do you have any corduroy pieces in your wardrobe?

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How to Wear the Corduroy Trend for Fall 2017How to Wear the Corduroy Trend for Fall 2017