I Got Birchboxed in SoHo

All as advertised and even more — that’s how I can describe a Natural Skincare event at Birchbox SoHo that I attended this Thursday. I got an amazing hairstyle makeover, explored some awesome beauty products, and received many amazing beauty gifts. But let me be thorough and provide you with all the details about my magnificent rendez-vous with Birchbox.

My friend Iyra and I arrived at the Birchbox store in SoHo on time, at 6:00 pm sharp, but we actually met each other about 15 minutes later. As any other woman would do, we started exploring the shelves and shelves of beauty products and completely lost our sense of punctuality.

When Iyra bumped into me on the ground floor, I’d been methodically smelling and trying on the back of my hand all of the lip glosses by Cynthia Rowley that I found. Those were mostly raspberry and corral tones that I love so much — no wonder I couldn’t hear my phone ringing!

Birchbox-Soho-Store-11We chatted a bit while sipping delicious Brooklyn Soda Works sodas (Iyra) and snacking on grapes and almonds (me), and decided to sign-up for free hair touch-ups by Number 4 Hair Care. I was working with an amazing stylist, Kat Nacario, who represented Number 4 Hair Care brand. Kat asked me what kind of style I would like to create, and I proposed for her to pick something out of my comfort zone.

As it turned out, Kat decided to create a low braided bun. I rarely wear my hair that way, but I liked it a lot and will definitely include this style into my go-to collection!

How To: Low Braided Bun

I tried to reproduce this hairstyle at home, and it seems like it should be done this way:

1. Part your hair on one side. Separate your hair into two non-equal parts. You should leave more hair on the side which has more hair left compared to the center of your head. Meaning, you parted your hair closer to the right side (as Kat did with my hair); you should have more hair on the left side.


2. Take the part of your hair on the right side and start putting together a low braid that goes horizontally across your head. Pick-up strands of hair from the bottom of the braid in a way that by the end of the process, you have used all of the hair from the right side and finished your braid at the left side of your head. Fix the end of the braid with a black or clear elastic, depending on your hair color.

Birchbox-Number4-Hairstyle-23. Separate the hair from the left side of the head (that you previously left) in three parts and create three braids. Fix the ends of the braids with matching elastics. Now, when you have four braids ready on the left side of your head, loosen up your elastics a little bit and pull your hair up in each braid. In other words, you make each of your braids looser.


5. Roll up each of the braids on the left side of your head and fix each of them in place with small bobby pins. Make sure that your hairstyle is stable enough so that you can wear it for the entire night.

Birchbox-Number4-Hairtyle-46. Apply some hair spray all over your head, concentrating on the braided bun.

To create my hairstyle, Kat used the following hair products:


I didn’t have a chance to see the entire process of creating Iyra’s hairstyle because we had our hair appointments at the same time, but I really liked how perfectly her feminine mohawk hairstyle matched her leather decorated top and leather jacket. According to Iyra, with such a look she felt like a real rock star. And I will tell you that she really is my star! I loved her new look!


After our hairstyles were done and we exchanged compliments, we headed upstairs to explore the rest of the presentation. There we met the beautiful Elizabeth, Business Manager for Juice Beauty brand. She told us about a great new product that I can’t wait to try.


Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift is a revolutionary two-step system that helps to get rid of puffiness, under eye circles, and other unpleasant consequences of a stressful lifestyle. I decided not to try the mask at the store because I had my makeup on and we were planning to go out after the presentation, but I selected a sample to try at home. Stay tuned for my review on this beauty product!

Of course, seeing so many familiar and new products on the shelves, we were not able to stay away from shopping. Especially because on that day, Birchbox SoHo had a great promotion: Every guest that spent $35 on any product(s) received premium sized products by Number 4 Hair Care and Juice Beauty.


In order to be eligible for these awesome gifts (and many others that I was not aware of), I purchased Quick-Fix Concealer by Dermablend in Ivory tone and two mini-lipsticks Lil’ Lip Duo by Laqa & Co.


I have an enormous collection of red lipsticks which is why I decided to pick my lipsticks in hot pink shades. This new to me brand of lipstick happened to be very good: It applies evenly, does not make my lips dry, and comes in cute little tubes. I really like the raspberry tone and I already wore it twice this week – it is almost a personal record for me! The other shade is a very new shade for me, but I totally see myself matching it with my favorite pink scarf.

I am also very satisfied with my decision to purchase a concealer by Dermablend. It is a miracle worker when it comes to covering blemishes and dark areas around nose. I also used it to cover a small scar on my leg, and it worked perfectly well. Keep in mind though that this concealer is pretty thick and thus will not be appropriate for using for under eye area (if this is your problem area, I would recommend trying Touche Éclat by Yves Saint Laurent that I reviewed in the post: “Top 10 Beauty Products to Splurge On”).

As it turned out, with a $35 purchase we were also eligible for the following gifts by Birchbox:

  • Dual-Phase Eye Makeup Remover by Make ($22 for a full-size product);
  • Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream by Juice Beauty ($39 for a full-size product);
  • Three metallic twistbands and one metallic twistband headband ($20 for a similar set with four headbands and three metallic hair ties);
  • Stem Cellular Repair Booster Serum (sample) by Juice Beauty ($75 for a full-size product);
  • Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer (sample) by Juice Beauty ($65 for a full-size product);
  • Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment (sample) by Juice Beauty ($45 for a full-size product).

Honestly, I haven’t seen that many companies providing so many gifts and samples to their customers. Also, free hairstyles wouldn’t sound familiar for many New Yorkers. From this perspective, our trip to the Birchbox SoHo was a tremendous success. Not only did we go out with new hairstyles and bags of beauty gifts, we also felt very lucky to explore this New York Mecca of beauty goods.


Birchbox SoHo totally got me, and I can’t wait to attend upcoming events at this awesome store (you can find the list of upcoming events in my recent post “Birchbox Comes to SoHo”).