In-Flight Beauty Essentials

In-Flight Beauty Essentials

Last few months happened to be very intense when it comes to traveling. First, we went to Tulum, then stopped by in Los Angeles and Arizona, and now my European trip is coming up. While I’m super excited to have the opportunity to travel that much, my skin is not happy when I spend so much time up in the air. Luckily, over the years of intense traveling schedule, I came out with a few strategies that help me to minimize the damage. Today, I’m sharing a few of my recent in-flight beauty favorites that help my skin to look more or less presentable while traveling so much.


Perhaps, the most important lesson I learned when it comes to in-flight skincare is that my skin absorbs all sorts of dirt while at the airport and filthy airplanes. I remember swiping my face with a toner after a flight and the cotton sponge was so dirty that I decided that I need to incorporate at least one extra cleanse during the flight. You’ll all agree though that washing your face in the airplane bathroom is close to impossible – it’s too small and inconvenient. So, these days I’ll just pack a set of cleansing wipes to sanitize my skin during the long flight and call it a day.

Regular makeup wipes will not do the trick though. You need something with an acid in it to purity the pores and a hydrator to avoid moisture loss. Lately, I’ve been all about Patchology Clean AF Wipes as these contain all the above (Vitamin B5 as a moisturizer and Folic Acid as clean purifier) and more (for instance, Biotin aka Vitamin B7 that is usually used in supplements to promote skin radiance). I never wear makeup on the plane, so I’ll just use one wipe to clean my skin before applying a toner and a face mask. The formula is designed in a way that your skin doesn’t feel sticky after using these wipes, so you don’t need to wash your face after using them.


Face mists might not be the most neighbor-friendly when it comes to spritzing on the plane, but you should totally indulge on those in the airplane’s bathroom. I usually bring my in-flight skincare pouch with me, so I spray my Garnier Rose Mist right after cleansing my skin with a wipe. By doing so, you restore the pH level of your skin and prepare it for the upcoming treatment. Let’s confess here: I actually re-apply this spray every hour or so as it feels and smells delicious and I really notice the difference when it comes to how hydrated my skin is.

The Lip and Hands Talk

I don’t know about you, but my lips and hands struggle the most when it comes to flying. When it comes to dry hands, it’s easy to figure out the reason: since you can only find sanitizing hand soap in the airport and airplane bathrooms, no wonder your skin dries off. In order to avoid the dry hands effect, I make sure to have a hand lotion or two on me – and reapply it every time after washing hands.

When it comes to lips, it’s probably because I’m not drinking enough water while flying. I’m trying to improve, but meanwhile, a great lip balm is a must. I recently wrote an entire post on my favorite lip balms but if I have to pick just one in-flight lip balm favorite, it would be Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment. It’s super hydrating, not sticky, and comes in a cute packaging.


Okay, this last tip might not be for everyone, but there is nothing better for my skin than applying a face mask. Usually, I wait until the plane takes-off and apply either a sheet mask or an overnight mask. Lately, a few brands came out with a dedicated in-flight leave-on mask (like Volition Beauty JetSet & Protect Mask) and these happened to work beautifully for my skin too. These lock in moisture into my skin while on the flight so by the time the plane lands my skin feels refreshed and not tired at all.

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed learning about my latest in-flight skincare routine. I know, it’s a bit too extra, but hey it really works for my skin. I wonder if you have any in-flight skincare tips and tricks? Please share these in the comments area below!