Jewelry That Brings Luck

Latelita Necklace Long Hollow Clover Rosegold 1

I am not a superstitious person at all, but when it comes to jewelry I love when my gems have extra meaning in them. Whether it’s a sentimental jewelry that brings back memories of family traditions or special events, or just generally symbolic jewels, every piece of jewelry that I own has some added meaning to it. One of the recent gems in my collection is this hollow clover necklace by the UK-based brand LÁTELITA. Maybe it’s just a superstition, but I feel that this necklace brings me luck.

I noticed a long time ago that in some cultures certain symbols have a different meaning to them. For instance, a white dress in Western cultures means purity and elegance (that’s why it’s the typical color for a wedding dress), while in Eastern cultures white represents death, mourning, and bad luck. Same goes for iconographic symbols like stars, moon, sun, etc. We all bring special meanings to these symbols and wear symbol-reach pieces as a way to emphasize that special message that you are trying to send to the world with such symbols.

Referring to the headline of this post, I believe that my LÁTELITA clover necklace brings me luck because it incorporates the symbol which in Eastern culture is associated with prosperity, good fortune, and success. In Russian tradition, for instance, finding a four-leaf clover is believed to be associated with good luck as it’s something that very rarely happens in nature. Keeping it in mind, you must be a super lucky person to start with if you found a four-leaf clover!

Superstitions aside, there are other reasons why I believe that the necklace is lucky. It just makes me feel so happy to look at it’s a beautifully designed piece of jewelry that matches so many of my outfits. If you read my recent post on how to style jewelry, you know that I’m someone who is taking a minimalistic approach towards picking jewelry. Less is more is my favorite jewelry motto, not only in respect to a number of pieces that I’m wearing at any given moment, but also when it comes to jewelry design. I love luxury-looking materials like rose gold and white gold and I appreciate that this necklace features such sleek and chic design.

I’ve been having a great experience with the creations by London-based jewelry designers lately. My rose gold bracelet from JewelStreet that I talked about last year continues being a staple of my jewelry collection and this clover necklace is a great addition as it matches the bracelet too.

I wonder what is the most symbolic piece of jewelry that you have in your collection? What type of feelings does it bring? How often do you wear it and on which occasions?

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LÁTELITA Long Hollow Close Rosegold Necklace