New Affordable K-Beauty Makeup Line is Coming to CVS

The national pharmacy chain CVS expands its K-Beauty section with the new makeup brand launched this week. JOAH Beauty, which in translation from Korean means “I Like” is the 1st Korean beauty inspired makeup line launching in the U.S. And based on the number of products presented at the launch party, is definitely the biggest. All the details from last night’s JOAH Beauty launch party are below!

First and foremost, I was impressed with the number of items the brand presented at the launch party. From traditional lipsticks and mascaras to eyeshadow palettes and radiance primers, JOAH impressed me with the assortment of products. Usually, new brands start by introducing a few hero products, but here the launch party attendees saw every single product you could possibly need to create a full look.

Joah Beauty: “Inspired by K-Beauty”

According to the LA Times, JOAH Beauty is a baby of another popular K-Beauty brand KISS, best known for their false lashes and press-on nails. The packaging of the products proves the same: “the product is designed in the US and manufactured in Korea” by KISS. Based on the same LA Times article, JOAH hits the U.S. with an astonishing 158 units — “23 eye items, 19 brow products, 64 lip choices, 47 face options and five brushes” — that will be distributed in 4000 CVS locations nationwide starting this week. 26 out of these items are already available online at

Joah Beauty: The Packaging

Being a sucker for pretty packaging, what impressed me the most about JOAH Beauty is its packaging. Looking at the feminine yet but fun hues of pink, blue, and green, I thought that branding definitely reflects what the brand stands for — being “a playground for grown-up girls.” That’s so true – US’s first K-Beauty inspired cosmetic line is cool, girly, and playful.

JOAH also scored in the product names department. Birthday Suit Eyeshadow Palette, Eye Scream Mascara, I’m So Fly-Liner, and Selfie Ready Dew Me A Favor Setting Spray are just a few names that caught my attention.

While it’s too early to report on the quality of the products (I’ll post a full review once I have a chance to test the products from the goodie bag I received at the event), overall, I had a good vibe from the line. It’s cute, it’s affordable (item prices ranging from $3 to $16), it’s on trend— I hope it performs great too!