StyleSprinter July Favorites 2016

A lot of you guys have been asking me lately to start reviewing my monthly favorites on the blog—similar to what I’m doing on Snapchat—and I think it’s such a great idea! Lately, I’ve been testing so many great beauty products and tools that I can’t wait to share all those things with you. Okay, without further delay, let’s jump into July’s favorites.


Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Luster Lock - review

Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Luster Lock ($19.99)

This instant shine and repair treatment dramatically changed my hair! You probably remember that over the last few months I’ve changed my hair color a few times, which didn’t improve the quality of my hair at all. My hair also gets frizzy in the summer so I’ve been using a lot of styling tools lately that also weaken my hair. However, the moment I apply this leave-in product by Joico, all my hair problems disappear! I’m not sure whether it’s a hair mask or a conditioner (I use it after every wash), but it’s my absolute favorite product that I see myself using for years to come. K-Pak is an absolute must if you’re struggling with your hair and want to improve the quality of your color-treated and damaged hair.

T3 SinglePass Luxe Hair Straightener review

T3 SinglePass Luxe Hair Straightener ($180)

You already saw this flat iron in my post on how to create perfect curls with tin foil and a flat iron, but I’ve been using this fantastic flat iron for less creative everyday styles too. I love the fact that this styling tool heats up very quickly so I can get my hair ready in a matter of minutes. It also provides the smoothest finish I could ever expect from a flat iron. Honestly, none of the hair straighteners I’ve used before provided me with such perfect finish. That’s why for the last month, I haven’t touched any other styling tool at all except this hair straightener by T3.

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt review

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt ($52)

This product totally blew my mind because it’s never even heard of such a thing as hair scrub before. If you ask me now, it’s one of the best inventions I’ve tried so far for people addicted to dry shampoos (definitely me) or those struggling with chlorine-damaged hair. The product looks exactly like your typical salt-based body scrub with the only exception that it becomes very foamy once you’ve applied it to your hair. The product deeply cleans your skin, effortlessly eliminating product build-up and exfoliating your scalp for the freshest hair you’ve ever had. This shampoo comes with a pricey $52 tag, but since you need to use it just once a week, it’s totally worth the investment!


The Lotus Leaf Extract Sleeping Pack review

The Lotus Leaf Extract Sleeping Pack ($49)

This overnight mask is a revolutionary product for my skin as it finally helped my dry and dehydrated skin to look glowy and stay hydrated throughout the day. In fact, it works so well for my skin that sometimes I use it throughout the day if I’m not leaving our apartment (otherwise, I’ll apply SPF—it’s mandatory for me!). One of the main ingredients of this product is lotus leaf extract that I already reviewed in this post about awesome facial mists. The way it works is I apply the product like a regular night cream and massage it a bit into my face. The next morning I wake up with hydrated and much better looking skin than ever—I can’t explain enough how addicted I am to this phenomenal skin care product!

Supergoop Anti-Aging City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30 review

Supergoop Anti-Aging City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30 ($42)

I explored this sunscreen through my Birchbox subscription and there are two reasons why it replaced my previously favorite Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Day Emulsion SPF 18. First of all, it features a gentler formula so I can apply it without being afraid that it will cause irritation. Second, it’s a 100% vegan and cruelty-free product, which means a lot for me from an ethical standpoint. If two products perform similarly great, I always choose the one that promotes sustainable practices. That way, I support the brand I believe in while still receiving the same benefits you get from using “standard” products.


TruBeauty Pro Metallics Contouring Set review

TruBeauty Pro Metallics Contouring Set ($14.99)

This set of makeup brushes is an absolute dupe of the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection. I found it at Marshalls while looking for some home goods, and these synthetic, cruelty-free brushes did not disappoint. Lately, I’ve been using them to apply blush and contour my face and it’s such a pleasure working with these cute-looking tools!

blotterazzi by beautyblender

beautyblender and blotterazzi ($20 each)

I don’t know why I’m so late coming to the beautyblender game, but finally I’m addicted! If you ask me, none of the brushes that I own (even pricey professional ones) create as natural a finish as this pink sponge. It might sound ridiculous to spend $20 on just a foundation sponge, but this cute little thing completely changed the way I apply liquid makeup products (not only foundation, but also concealer, highlighter, and even liquid blush). Lately, I also started using blotterazzi by beautyblender to get rid of oil build-up throughout the day. I received a sample of this product in my latest Play by Sephora box and it proved to be a great beauty relative of my all-time favorite pink beautyblender.


Carli Bybel Palette 14 Color Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette review

Carli Bybel Palette 14 Color Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette ($14.50)

I purchased this palette at the beginning of the month and haven’t stopped using it since then. I love the variety of shimmery and matte eyeshadows it provides, not to mention the quality of its eyeshadows and highlighters. The products set on my skin smoothly and evenly, while providing full-color coverage. I love combining colors from this neutral palette with a winged eyeliner—in combination with my favorite red lipstick, it’s been my absolutely favorite look of the month!

Too Faced Sketch Marker Liquid Art Eyeliner in Smokey Emerald Green review

Too Faced Sketch Marker Liquid Art Eyeliner in Smokey Emerald ($20)

I saw this cute set of colored eyeliners on YouTube and couldn’t stop obsessing about them. Aren’t those makeup markers adorable? Finally, I went to Sephora and swatched a few of them. This emerald green caught my eye first so I decided to give it a try and come back for more shades later. So far, I’ve had a very good experience with it and have been loving the applicator that allows me to create a line of any width, from the tiniest line for everyday looks to a more dramatic line for nights out. I’m definitely coming back to pick a few more colors of this awesome eyeliner.

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Highlighting Palette review

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Highlighting Palette (sold out)

I’ve been going back and forth from this to Carli Bybel palette as both of them feature some amazing and unique shades of highlighters. I purchased this set for $52 a few days before it sold out and I love the versatility of looks that it allows me to create. Thanks to this palette, I’ve been glowing non-stop—from the high points of my cheeks to my eyelids where I applied highlighter with a large brush. I don’t want to waste too much of your time reviewing a product that you can’t even purchase. All I have to say is that if you’re looking for a new highlighter, definitely consider other single-shade packages from Becca x Jaclyn Hill collection.


The Body Shop Pinita Colada Shower Gel and Body Butter

The Body Shop Pinita Colada Shower Gel and Body Butter ($10 and $21)

Honestly, I got so tired of using coconut oil as a moisturizer and black African soap as a shower gel that I was very excited to switch my body care routine to this delicious smelling duo by The Body Shop. I love applying this somewhat thick butter on my body after my evening shower, so I smell the gentle aroma of this delicious moisturizer during the night and wake up with well-hydrated and nourished skin.

There you go, a list of products I was obsessed with last month. I can’t wait to hear if you tried any of them. Also, please share your favorite products of the month in the comment area below!