July Fourth Lookbook

July Fourth Lookbook 2017 - StyleSprinter

Independence Day weekend is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your skills of styling patriotic shades of red, white, and blue and make them your own. The trick to July Fourth look though is not to take the tricolor theme too literally; of course, if you don’t want to look like an American flag (then, go for it!). Today I’m collaborating with Rocket Dog, Kelsi Dagger, and Pour La Victoire, to share with my outfit ideas for the July Fourth weekend. Read up and let me know in the comments which outfit are you planning on rocking over the upcoming long weekend.

But before we begin, make sure to check out my summer vacation packing post where I share additional outfit ideas that you could use this summer. I also provide a capsule wardrobe of shoes and accessories that I wear this summer, both in New York and in the Hamptons. 

Look #1: Cocktail Party

Alexis Arleigh Dress in White - StyleSprinter

Pour La Victoire Elisa Sandal (40% off with the code FIREWORKS2017)
Alexis Arleigh Dress in White // Pineapple Clutch // Cat Eye Sunglasses

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe that Independence Day weekend is a perfect opportunity to look chic. While it’s tempting to wear jeans and a T-shirt all day long, there are some events out there that will require a more formal attire. Stay prepared by upgrading your collection with a white or red lace dress. A good thing about solid color dresses is that you can wear them all year long by switching accessories and makeup. Talking about accessories, I believe that it’s an absolute must for every lady to have a pair of nude heels in her wardrobe. That type of shoe is perfect because you could style it with different color dresses while enjoying an added benefit of nude heels—these make your legs look so much longer!

Look #2: Fireworks Watching 

HM Cute AF Top - Style Sprinter

Rocket Dog Magic Crush Velvet Sneaker (40% off sale items with code RDBLOWOUT40)
Cute AF Top // Stripe Skirt // Zac Posen Bag // Pink Sunglasses

Every summer in the Hamptons I see the exact same picture: ladies are taking their shoes off while watching fireworks as their feet is too tired to handle even a moment of high heels torture. Seeing that is sad and educational at the same time: if you don’t want to ruin your feet over the weekend, I highly encourage you to pack a pair of comfortable and stylish sneakers. That type of shoe is so much cuter than your typical flip-flops, not to mention that you can walk in sneakers faster while avoiding the pain of someone stepping on your feet in your open shoes. While white cropped pants and jeans are typical attire that you could see at the fireworks watching gatherings, I recommend thinking outside of the box and update your otherwise casual look with a stripe pleated skirt. You’ll be surprised how this single piece of clothes changes the appearance of the entire outfit and immediately makes it so chic.

Look #3: Party Time

Lovers + Friends Havana Maxi Dress - StyleSprinter

ESxRD Copa Pink & White Platform Sandal (40% off sale items with code RDBLOWOUT40)
Lovers + Friends Havana Maxi Dress // Pineapple Clutch // Mirror Sunglasses //Headband Worn as Belt

For many of us, high heels are something that goes hand in hand with partying. We master the art of walking on our toes while maneuvering cobblestone roads and Epsom salting feet the moment we get home in attempt to relieve the pain… I’ve been (and still am) one of those girls who loves heels, but lately I’ve been more and more into platform shoes. These look cute and stylish, add you a few inches of height (which is crucial for petite girls like me), and save you from unnecessary pain. One of the combinations that I recommend to try this July Fourth weekend is combining a maxi dress with a pair of platform sandals. The dress you see in these photos features a split which makes it super floaty and fun while also allowing to demonstrate the beauty of my new favorite stripe sandals.

Look #4: Shopping Trip

Alexis Briley Stripe Dress - July Fourth Outfit Ideas 2017

Rocket Dog Clarita Peach Slip-On (40% off sale items with code RDBLOWOUT40)
Alexis Briley Stripe Dress // Popsicle Clutch // Urban Outfitters Glasses

We all love Independence Day sales, right? And while most of the best deals are available online, every summer I catch myself going to the actual store to look for some excellent deals. While doing so, it’s important to look stylish—while enjoying the comfort of loose-fitting clothes and comfortable shoes. While it’s tempting to put on a pair of white jeans and a cute T-shirt and call it a look, I prefer wearing dresses while shopping. In my experience, it’s so much easier to take it off and put back on while trying outfits at the store. Also, such outfit is just more comfortable than wearing pants if it’s getting too hot outside.

Look #5: Breakfast Club

Light Blue Ruffle Dress - Style Sprinter

Kelsi Dagger BK Harbor Sandal (40% off sale items with the code KDBFIREWORKS2017)
Light Blue Ruffle Dress // Pineapple Clutch // Mirror Sunglasses

One of the mistakes I used to make while packing for a long weekend in the Hamptons is not planning my breakfast outfits. While it’s tempting to make an excuse that you “don’t do fashion until coffee,” it makes sense to plan mornings as meticulously as you plan evenings. All you have to do is to pack a casual mini dress and a pair of comfortable slip-ons. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve been wearing these gold slides non-stop this season and for a good reason. You don’t even need to lace them while getting ready for a brunch. Get your hair in a pony, put a dress on, slide into your sandals—and you are ready to go out for coffee!

Fourth of July 2017 Lookbook - Outfit Ideas for Any Occasion

These were my outfit ideas on what to wear this Independence Day weekend. Please let me know in the comments area below if you liked my recommendations. Also, feel free to share your photos and ideas on what you are planning to wear during the upcoming Fourth of July weekend.


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  1. OMG babe! Totally killed it with this 4th of July post! I can’t even choose a favorite look, since I love them all SO MUCH! I agree with looking chic for the 4th and I try to do the same! :)
    Also, these looks are so perfect for The Hamptons! Can’t wait to go back.

    Posted 7.10.17 Reply
  2. Oh okay, when I started reading this post, I was like okay this is my favourite look and then this and this one, till the end :D So, they are all my favourites! You styled them so good. I’m loving your photos, they are always on fleek and girl you are sooo pretty!!

    Posted 7.6.17 Reply
  3. Lily Rose wrote:

    None of these outfits is your average July 4 look! You are so good at styling and I just love every look. So chic, so cute and so holiday appropriate. My favorites have to be numbers 1, 2 and 4. All these dresses (and skirt) would be great for all year round, I agree with you we just need to switch up accessories and makeup. Also dresses are better for shopping to get in and out, that is so true!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

    Posted 7.5.17 Reply
  4. Wow! So many chic looks. I love how you can choose between dressy or casual, they work for all types of July 4th plans. ?

    Posted 7.5.17 Reply
  5. Hey Sweetheart:)
    How are you?
    Loveeee the July 4 Lookbook:)
    Each style are Stunning and can’t even choose which one my Favorite:)
    The red Maxi Dress is definitely one of my Favorite:) Red Fits you sooo well:) But the Light Blue Ruffled Dress is so Sweet too:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Wish you Amazing Day

    Posted 7.5.17 Reply
  6. Tandya wrote:

    This lookbook is so good! Every outfit looks, as your tee says, “Cute AF.”
    I went with wearing all blue, I usually don’t do the whole “flag thing.”
    I especially love the cocktail look and the shopping trip. The neck detail on the striped dress is everything!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 7.5.17 Reply
  7. Melbourneyum wrote:

    Gosh girl I love how you styled all these outfits I especially love the red outfit with those fierce platforms super cute and very feminine,I don’t wear red often as it very bold but you pull it of so well I’m inspired.
    We don’t do 4th of July here in Australia but I love seeing all the different looks.And you have certainly nailed every occasion
    Natalia k

    Posted 7.4.17 Reply
  8. Wow I’m totally in love with this! All of your outfits are super cute and perfect for the occasion. I specially adore the red party time dress, it’s super cute! Thank you so much for sharing, loved reading about all the outfits. Happy 4th babe!

    Vanessa, xo!


    Posted 7.4.17 Reply
  9. Lana Luu wrote:

    I love love love all of your outfits! But I’m obsessed with Breakfast club dress so much! Such a gorgeous dress with cute ruffles. Happy 4th of July, Katya!


    Posted 7.4.17 Reply
  10. Loving your 4th of July style Katya! I’m obsessed over your white lace dress and that Cute AF tee made me laugh. You are too cute! I also prefer dresses when shopping – thou honestly I always prefer dresses LOL. They’re just easy and comfortable :)

    Posted 7.4.17 Reply
  11. Odette Johaar wrote:

    Your red maxi dress is absolutely stunning.

    Posted 7.4.17 Reply
  12. Gluten-Free Spirited wrote:

    All of these outfits are cute, but I love everything about outfit #3!

    Posted 7.3.17 Reply
  13. Tiffany Yong wrote:

    I like your “watching fireworks” outfit best, simply because it’s so vibrant n casual -smart! Can’t wait to see more

    Posted 7.3.17 Reply
  14. jacqueline wrote:

    I love this post and so jealous of you spending it in the Hamptons! You’re so right. There are so many cute ways to wear all these colors without going over the top. I love how you broke it down. My favorite is the blue and white striped dress! I would totally wear that outfit. Hope you have a Happy 4th of July!

    Posted 7.3.17 Reply
  15. I seriously love all these looks! You look gorgeous in each outfit and they’re all perfect for 4th of July. I especially love all the ruffles :)

    Posted 7.3.17 Reply
  16. Thomas Falkenstedt wrote:

    Spending 4th of July in the Hamptons is a dream of mine yet to come true and I’m ever so envious you’re heading there, but you’re totally worth it. You’re quite right, dressing patriotic doesn’t mean you need to pull out every freaking star and striped piece in your wardrobe even though I love your striped skirt with the sneakers (that’s probably what made that my favorite outfit). As for me living overseas and actually working on the 4th I’ll still try to incorporate some of that red, white and blue into my outfit as an homage to my second home, the United States of America.


    Posted 7.3.17 Reply
  17. These outfit ideas are so darn cute! So perfect for 4th of July.

    Posted 7.3.17 Reply
  18. helen vella wrote:

    Love all the outfits but especially like the blue stripped skirt. Amazing images.

    Posted 7.3.17 Reply
  19. The coral dress is spectacular! You rock the look :)

    Posted 7.3.17 Reply
  20. Gina Diaz wrote:

    I adore your lookbook and all your outfits! I can see myself wearing them all and got really got some inspiring ideas for the Fourth of July weekend. I don’t wearing or looking too patriotic for this holiday. Thanks for sharing this creative post!

    Happy 4th, beauty!

    xx. Gina

    Posted 7.2.17 Reply
  21. Helen Chik wrote:

    Seriously, I love each and every single one of these looks so much! Especially in love with the first all white lace look and the second. The looks really are cute af. Hope your 4th of July was amazing and I’m sure you nailed your outfit on the day ;)

    Helen xx

    Posted 7.2.17 Reply
  22. Jennifer Quattrucci wrote:

    Wow! This is truly incredible! You have certainly covered all the bases with every possible 4th of July Occasion and outfit! My favorite outfits are the cocktail party outfit and the fireworks outfit but they are all stunning!!!

    Posted 7.2.17 Reply
  23. Claire Ady wrote:

    awesome collection of sunglasses!

    Posted 7.2.17 Reply
  24. Ahaha, girl, I had so much fun reading your post and watching your video. I’m absolutely in love with the 4th look, that clutch is soooo damn cute! And the 5th dress is so elegant. Definitely, these two outfits are my favourite. And yeah, happy 4th of July!!!

    Cheers, Eliza | http://www.fashion-confession.com

    Posted 7.2.17 Reply
  25. Jessie Li (4evajessie) wrote:

    Love your July 4th look books. They are all so pretty. My favorite one is the red dress. Such a stunning colour and it definitely matches with the national flag! Thanks for all the great outfit inspirations.

    xx, Jessie

    Posted 7.2.17 Reply
  26. Regina Garson wrote:

    Your looks surely are beautiful. I love the way you put it all together and wear something unexpected, like to the fireworks. Those velvet sneakers have my attention as well.

    Posted 7.1.17 Reply
  27. Ty Swint wrote:

    All of your looks are gorgeous. I’m particularly loving that dress in look #1. It’s so boho chic and ladylike.

    Posted 7.1.17 Reply
  28. Britta Kongsdal Dobriner wrote:

    I loooooove the first look! The lace details and the way you styled this gorgeous dress is perfect! Also the shopping look is a fav! Such a cute outfit for a fun day in the city or dinner with family on the 4th!

    Posted 7.1.17 Reply
  29. Sheree Ho wrote:

    You are just the cutest with all of these July 4th outfit inspirations. I love the first lace dress, it reminded me of My Fair Lady. The red and blue outfit looks wonderful as well, especially that multi-colored wedge sandal, it looks amazing.

    ~ xo Sheree

    Posted 7.1.17 Reply
  30. Christine wrote:

    Omg, I can’t decide which is my favorite look because they are all so different yet all so amazing in their own way! Love all the dresses and the skirt with the casual tee is totally cute too. I also agree that you don’t need to wear red, white and blue all at once to look like a flag or cheesy and these outfits definitely incorporate the colors but are so fab! xoxo, Christine

    Posted 6.30.17 Reply
  31. Clair wrote:

    Love every single one of these outfits! I must say though, that red one has my name all over it…I need it in my closet pronto ?

    Posted 6.30.17 Reply
  32. Oyinkan Ogunleye wrote:

    Love the red dress and reflector sunglasses! I’ve been in love with reflector sunglasses lately! Yesss!

    Posted 6.30.17 Reply
  33. Diya Picses wrote:

    loved it ! thanks for sharing ! this is stylish.checkut my page also https://www.programmingshots.com/seo-tips-grow-sites-position-google/

    Posted 6.30.17 Reply
  34. Michelle Leslie wrote:

    I’m loving the look of all of these but if I had to chose it would probably be #1 with #3 a close second. You look lovely

    Posted 6.30.17 Reply
  35. Adriana wrote:

    I looove all of these looks! That “cute AF” tee – I need it!

    Posted 6.30.17 Reply
  36. So many adorable outfits, I don’t know which one I would choose! They are all so impossibly perfect.

    Posted 6.29.17 Reply
  37. Hanna wrote:

    Holy Goodness Girl! These are the MOST fabulous July 4th outfits ever!

    Posted 6.29.17 Reply
  38. Taylor Mobley wrote:

    I love all of these looks! I think #4 is my favorite. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays to dress for! So cute!

    Posted 6.29.17 Reply
  39. Yesenia Morales wrote:

    OH GOSH! Looks 3 and 5!!! <3 Where did you get them!? *-*

    Posted 6.29.17 Reply
  40. Emily Vinyard wrote:

    I love the Breakfast Club look the best! Such a beautiful combination overall.

    Posted 6.29.17 Reply
  41. Talisa Lavarry wrote:

    Fun look book. I love the sunnies. You’re doing a wonderful job.

    Posted 6.29.17 Reply
  42. These are all so adorable but I think look #2 is my favorite. Being short I can’t get away with wearing Maxie dresses. I tend to trip all over them.

    Posted 6.29.17 Reply
  43. Bernice Abuan wrote:

    I love the party time red gown! It’s so classy but sexy!


    Posted 6.29.17 Reply
  44. Beth Shankle Anderson wrote:

    Great selections!! Lovely choices and very patriotic :)

    Beth || http://www.TheStyleBouquet.com

    Posted 6.29.17 Reply
  45. Marie Andrea Goldstein wrote:

    Love these patriotic styles!

    Posted 6.28.17 Reply
  46. Andrea Robin wrote:

    LOVE your looks! Taking so much inspiration from your post xx

    Posted 6.28.17 Reply
  47. Fabulous. Love your cocktail party and shipping trip looks.


    Posted 6.28.17 Reply
  48. Smile51 wrote:

    You look great in all but #3 is party time!

    Posted 6.28.17 Reply