Katy Perry’s INDI: A Gender Inclusive Fragrance

Katy Perry Indi ReviewDisclosure: This post is brought to you by Katy Perry’s INDI and Her Campus Media.

While I’m totally into floral and candy-flavored scents, deep musky perfumes are right up my alley, so I was super excited to test out Katy Perry’s INDI, a new fragrance launch. I was especially drawn to this fragrance since Katy Perry calls it an “androgynous” scent rather than a “unisex” scent. that the signer is calling “androgynous,” rather than “unisex” scent. This fragrance was created for anyone and everyone, especially people who embrace their own individuality. I really love that Katy not only talks about gender inclusivity but also takes action in demonstrating her thoughts on this matter. For instance, this campaign was not just about her, it instead also featured five incredible individuals with five unique stories.

Katy Perry Indi Review

I’m not an expert on fragrance’s notes, but Katy Perry’s INDI definitely smells more luxurious than it costs. Katy Perry’s INDI features 11 different musks and was inspired by Tom Ford’s iconic Black Orchid scent. This fragrance is available at Walgreens, in-store and online, and will not break the bank. For $19.99 you receive 1 oz., which should last you for a year if you use fragrance as generously as I do.

Lately, the brand also introduced Katy Perry’s INDI Fragrance Mist lighter, more summer-appropriate version, for a less saturated aromatic experience. Katy Perry’s INDI Fragrance Mist is even more affordable than the fragrance—for $7.99, you’ll receive 8 oz., which in my book means at least a full summer of usage.

To be honest, Katy Perry’s INDI is the first drugstore fragrance brand that I’ve ever tried. Somehow, until recently I didn’t even know that you can find a scent at your local Walgreens!

Katy Perry Indi Review