Lady But Not Gaga

Katya Bychkova Wears Surrealistic Lady Gaga Style Dress

By any means, I am not Lady Gaga, but I feel that the creators of this colorful mini dress were definitely inspired by a well-known “fashion monster.” The pattern used by the unknown designer (his/her name could not be recovered since I removed all of the tags; read more about my bad fashion habit in a post “Good Girl, Bad Habit) combines some surrealistic images that are so common for the “queen of pop’s” style as well as some seemingly non-matching colors.

Despite the fact that my outfit is very colorful, I feel that this combination of incongruous patterns and tones works. I will definitely not wear this dress to the office or even to a family party, but I might pick it for a weekend shopping trip. Combined with colorful makeup, this bright and unusual dress constitutes a nice weekend outfit: not too casual, not too boring.

This outfit is perhaps my last anthem to wedges this season. Since the weather in New York is getting more and more chilly every day, it is time to say “goodbye” to the open toe shoes until next season. It is also perfect timing for updating the wardrobe. My agenda for this week is to finally do some shoe shopping and to update my collection with some new styles. I am thinking about ankle booties and suede knee-high boots. Also, I might go for another pair of leather riding boots that I love so much. I will keep you posted about my shopping trip.

I am also planning to start switching my closet from “summer” to “autumn” mode. This means to pack up all of the swimsuits, shorts, and silk dresses into suitcases and to take them to the basement. I wonder if you are interested in learning how I re-organize my closet for the new season? If so, please leave your comment below and I will start working on an organizing tips post.