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Sans Souci Floral Strapless Dress Fashion Blogger

You don’t have to be crowned princesses to look and act like a lady. Put on a cute open shoulders dress, add a vintage-looking handbag, and you are almost set. Oh yeah, do not forget about your posture! When I was young, my mom constantly reminded me about keeping my back straight and honestly it annoyed me. “I am not a ballet dancer, mom,” I used to say when I was in my ‘difficult’ teen ages. “You will thank me later,” my mom usually responded. And you know what? I really do appreciate her advice now! Every time I let my posture go, I unconsciously control myself and keep my back straight. It is especially true when I am wearing an open back dress. If you keep your back straight, somehow you actually start feeling like a lady!

Floral Strapless Dress and pearlsFashion Blogger Wears Sans Souci Floral Strapless DressSans Souci Floral Strapless Dress 3Sans Souci Floral Strapless Dress

Sans Souci Floral Strapless Dress // Pearl Statement Necklace
Vintage Beaded Clutch // Vintage Pumps // Photos by Vital Agibalow