Leanne Marshall SS16: Four Seasons of Translucency

Leanne Marshall SS16 NYFW 4

Have you ever wanted to become a princess? Don’t even bother to respond, as I know that you probably did. Me too! If you look through all my sketches from the middle school, there is one trend you can notice all over: Long luxuriant skirts, tiny waistline, and cotton candy color palette. Attending Leanne Marshall’s show during New York Fashion Week, I felt like I was watching my princess-like sketches from the childhood turn into the reality. Gorgeous evening gowns colored in all shades of purple, blue, and green, reminded me of outfits that will fit not only fashionistas with exquisite taste in fashion, but also of luxurious fantasy movies.

Leanne Marshall SS16 Four Seasons of Translucency

Known for her delicate dresses crafted with fantastical and ultra-feminine details, the former winner of Project Runway Season 5 and nowadays a popular celebrity designer, Leanne Marshall stayed faithful to her ethereal esthetics while creating her Spring-Summer 2016 collection. The designer showcased some breathtaking evening and cocktail gowns made out of summery and luxurious materials.

Leanne Marshall SS 2016 Collection NYFW

I had the opportunity to chat with Leanne Marshall prior to the show and she shared with Style Sprinter readers some thoughts on her new collection:

Inspiration: “The collection is ethereal. A dark, disconnected world, plagued by excess is wiped out when Mother Nature takes back what is hers. There is a slow, gradual return to the ease and magic of being alive.”

Materials: “We used lots of silk organza as well as silk twill and chiffon. We did some digital printing on silk organza and used a little bit of leather and double-bended silk mesh. There is a lot of fabrics that floats and moves and catches the breath.”

The Leanne Marshall Woman: “She is easy, light, carefree, ethereal woman.”

Leanne Marshall SS 2016 Collection 1

If you follow me on Perisope (make sure to follow me @StyleSprinter), you probably remember that I sneaked a place next to the photographers covering the show so my viewers had a chance to see Leanne’s collection in details. I received tons of hearts and comments from my viewers. People were admiring the collection while watching it live and now I would like to recap it here for my readers.

The show was conceptually divided into four interdependent themes. Each theme in the collection was represented by a different color scheme and materials and featured distinct silhouettes. Such distinction was emphasized by musical accompaniment and special effects. At the beginning of the show, the atmosphere was very mysterious and apocalyptic; it moved towards airy and cheerful mood closer to the final moves of the show.

Series #1: The Dark World

Leanne Marshall SS 2016 Collection Dark World

The show opened with a set of maxi and midi dresses in black and asphalt gray colors. The major design element incorporated into the pieces from this group is ruches and see-though blocks made out of stretchy organzas. I really loved the drapery on some structured dresses that revealed rhombus-shaped cutouts. The cape dress incorporating custom designed digital print silks was convincing. The same goes to a more edgy LBD with beaded detail. My absolute favorite piece from the series is a maxi dress with a see-through frill skirt.

Series #2: Tsunami

Leanne Marshall SS 2016 Collection Dark World

The naturalistic blues replaced the dark colors on the catwalk. Playing with all shades of the hues of the water, the designer concentrated on the juxtaposition of floating and structured silhouettes. The airy materials such as silk and printed chiffon created an effect of cascading waves. I especially loved gorgeous gradient-colored silks that were incorporated not only into the dresses but also tops and skirts.

Series #3: Calming Waters

Leanne Marshall SS 2016 Collection Calming Waters

The third series of the collection was created in a classic Leanne Marshall’s manner. The models were floating on the runway in translucent maxi dresses in ethereal soft shades of blue. The lightest materials and tons of drapery emphasized ultra-feminine silhouettes of Greek goodness gowns. I was under the spell of those gorgeous ethereal gowns!

Series #4: Nature Reclaimed

Leanne Marshall SS 2016 Collection Dark World

Lastly, the color theme of the collection moved towards the green shades. Whether it was a deep green evening gown or simply a piece of greenery incorporated into the model’s hair, the naturalistic part of the collection was absolutely remarkable. Spending some time backstage prior to the show, I had the opportunity to see how much work goes into adjusting the most important dress from the collection, a cascade amethyst dress. Looking at those gorgeous photos, I believe that it totally worth the effort!
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Photo Credit: Getty Images for Leanne Marshall Designs

  • theSTYLetti

    Wonderful coverage of the Leanne Marshall show. Thanks for the recap! I especially like the filmy, ethereal gowns and dresses. xo

  • GoFashiondeals

    gorgeous gowns! great recap of Leanne Marshall show! I love the first gown so much!

  • O-M-G!! I LOVE this line! I find nature to be a beautiful inspiration in makeup and fashion. These are some of my favorite color tones.


    • Agreed, this collection is a total O-M-G! I especially love the first look as the color is so romantic and beautiful. Thanks for reading & commenting, Amanda! Have a wonderful day! xoxox