Let’s Talk About Gender-Neutral Masking

m f people super scrub face

Regular exfoliating, masking, and hydrating is something that I’ve been personally doing for years. But I can’t say the same about my boyfriend. Yes, he is religious about his face moisturizer because otherwise his “skin itches.” But when it comes to exfoliating and masking – it takes MY conscious effort to make him do it. So, when m/f people, a “designed for all” brand reached out to me with an opportunity to test their 3-step masking kit, I was all about it. Or, should I say, I already virtually signed up my boyfriend for this experience. Of course, he still doesn’t know about my secret skincare plan.

The packaging of m/f people is gender-neutral as it could get. All white jar with simple black lettering on top. But what’s inside these jars is not as simple as it might seem. These are eco-friendly, paraben-free and cruelty-free products that look so photo-friendly and feel so good. What I liked the best about my m/f experience is that it gives a pretty cool masking experience that you can do together with your significant other. Exfoliate, apply a charcoal mask, and then hydrate – easy-peasy and so effective!

Talking about m/f people products, so far, I tried three of them. Let’s dive into each of them.

m f people charcoal mask review

m/f people charcoal mask

As you probably already know, my skin (and especially T-zone) loves charcoal. And this mask was not an exception. It features a beautiful texture and classic grayish-brown coloring. The main skin benefits this mask provides is reducing skin inflammation, purifying skin imperfections and removes excess oil. Yes, you got it right: the mask does feature Kaolin clay which makes all these benefits possible. Generally speaking, I quite enjoyed this mask – especially for the oily parts on my face.

m f people super scrub face review

m/f people super scrub face

This face exfoliator has a very interesting texture. I would compare it to salt dipped in oil. In order to activate the product, you need to add a few drops of water and mix it with the scrub on the palm of your hand. The texture of the product does feel a bit abrasive so I would not recommend using it more than once a week. Also, be careful if you are sensitive to oils – the scrub contains jojoba seed oil which is generally speaking non-allergenic, but some people need to be aware of it’s in the ingredient list.

Talking about the ingredients, I was surprised to see “aluminum oxide” in the second line – that sounded too chemically… But as it turned out, “aluminum oxide” is a synonym to “alumia” which is good thing: a combo of minerals that has been safely used in cosmetics for years and years. Read this article if you want to learn more about this ingredient. I loved seeing squalene in the ingredients list as my skin can always use an extra level of hydration. I also found that this scrub contains a tiny touch of fragrance but it’s so gentle that it’s almost undetectable.

m f people hyaluronic acid face cream review

m/f people hyaluronic face cream

From the entire selection, that was the product that I enjoyed the most. It features such a gentle formula that immediately absorbs into your skin and keeps it plump and hydrated. As you probably already know, hyaluronic acid is my favorite type of hydrators and this particular cream was a great new discovery for me. I especially enjoyed how dewy my skin looked after using it – what a great prep for the makeup!

* * * * *

After testing these gender-neutral skincare goodies for a while, I made an executive decision to secretly land them in my boyfriend’s bathroom. I’m not sure if he started using it yet, but I hope he does so – I’m certain his skin would thank him for making that decision.

mf people skincare reviewm f people charcoal mask review