Life Is Good. Really!

Katya Bychkova StyleSprinter blogger

While you are reading this post, I am on my way to Miami where Ben and I will spend an entire week art hunting, partying, and enjoying the great weather. In opposition to what my T-shirt says, life is actually not so bad. Especially when the weather is good and you have a person that you love close to you.

By the way, do you have friends that do nothing else but complain about their life? Their roof leaks, their children are not capable of learning math, and seemingly all co-workers are inadequate people. And you know what? Chronic complainers are really not imaginarily unhappy. Psychologists call such a phenomenon (“what you think you become”) a self-fulfilling prophecy. Basically, when people are really unhappy about something, constantly complaining about the root of such unhappiness will eventually make them miserable. Conversely, those that are religiously talking about positive things bring positivity in their everyday lives.

I know that such an approach might seem like pseudo-science (and I actually agree that the concept discussed above is quite abstract and controversial), but I think it might help at least some chronic complainers to become a bit more positive. Everybody deserves to be happy, but it seems like not all of us understand that we create barriers to happiness by ourselves.

Yes, sometimes life is not sweet at all, but every (even unhappy) moment is a part of our life that we only live once. Here is the deal: Let’s try to make every day of this week a bit less stressful for ourselves and promise to complain less. Who knows, maybe you will like this state of no complaining and even start thinking that life is good. Really-really!

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  • Megan

    Those leggings are so fun and edgy! I love the graphic tee too!

    • Thank you, Megan! In general, I prefer dresses to leggings, but these are my fav!

  • Unfortunately my mum is a chronic complainer, I do love her to bits but sometimes it’s exhausting. LOL! You look seriously amazing here, Katya, what a perfect figure and that legging is beautiful on you! And have fun at Miami!

    Reflection of Sanity

    • I totally understand what you mean, Shireen ;)) Thank you for the compliments! <3

  • You are sooo pretty. I know, you are probably tired of me always saying that but it’s so true. Welcome to my state, I hope you enjoy your time in Miami! 🙂


    • Thank you, Jessica! Yep, my trip to Miami was awesome! Thanks for your warm wishes! xoxo

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