How to Drink If You Are a Lightweight

How to Drink If You Are a Lightweight

When I say that I am (a Russian girl living in New York) is a lightweight drinker, no one believes me. You? A Russian who doesn’t know (or want) to consume alcohol? After that statement, I almost see a disheartening in people’s eyes. Yes, I have to confess that for my entire life I might be the most lightweight drinker I’ve ever met.

Let me put it that way: a half of a cocktail is a critical dosage for me. So are two glasses of wine or champagne. Or a straight shot of vodka. Yeah, you’ve heard it right: a Russian who doesn’t drink vodka. Weird, right?

I can’t say that I completely don’t enjoy drinking alcohol. Red wine is something that I could absolutely enjoy, especially with a great dinner. With my favorite alcoholic beverage being champagne (the more sugar the better!), I enjoy a glass of champ a few times per month. But even with these microdoses, I had to learn how to drink alcohol if you are a lightweight.

Tip 1 – Snack All the Way

It’s actually a rule of mine: never drink if you are not eating. Not only it’s a recipe to start feeling tipsy quickly, but I also don’t think it’s healthy to drink this way. Think about all the sugar in alcoholic beverages that you are consuming without any protein or fat support. I don’t like that sugar rush feeling thus I eat first and only then could think about having a drink.

Tip 2 – Hold It, Don’t Drink It

Since I know that I only will be drinking one drink per night, I get a pretty glass of champagne and walk with it as with an accessory. Because even if I hold it in my hands doesn’t mean that I have to finish it immediately. Most of the times, I use my almost full glass of champagne as a tool so people don’t ask me if I want a drink. Look, I already have one!

How to Drink If You Are a Lightweight

Tip 3 – The One Drink Rule

No matter what the occasion, I almost never have more than just one drink. First of all, it’s calories-efficient. Who wants empty, sugar-based calories in their system in the middle of the night? Okay, some people do, but for me, it’s not fun to wake up the next morning with a headache. So I’d rather be that boring friend who only has a glass of champagne that be that human being who needs a Postmates to bring them Advil and coffee in the morning. You know, it’s a matter of choice.

Tip 4 – Pick Your Poison

As I mentioned before, my drink of choice is champagne. Not only it tastes almost like a liquid dessert, in comparison to many other options, but it’s also actually a low-calorie drink. A glass of champagne is about 100 calories which is not that bad if you compare it to other options. Especially sugary cocktails like Pina Colada that could run about 300 calories a pop.

How to Drink If You Are a Lightweight

Tip 5 – Avoid Peer Pressure

When it comes to drinking, it’s your body and no one should influence how much and what type of drinks to consume. I know that some people don’t like to disappoint friends while everyone is drinking so if you are one of those people, try faking that you are drinking. I use that technique all the time! After my one glass of champagne, I’ll order a glass of soda with cranberry juice and lime. It looks like a real cocktail – and no one needs to know what exactly you are drinking!

* * * * *

To drink or not to drink is a decision that everyone is making for themselves. And whether you are a lightweight or an experienced drinker what’s important is to stay true to yourself. Drink responsibly and never go against your own moral and health standards. At least, that’s what I’m always trying to do. Cheers!

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