Little Grey Riding Hood

Little Grey Riding Hood 1

My recent outfit posts were so dressy that I decided to share with you, dear readers, this sporty OOTD that we shoot last summer in the Hamptons. The dress that I am wearing looks like hoodie and feels as comfortable as pajamas. Sporty-chic outfits are hot this season, but I purchased this particular dress long time ago. I rocked this outfit in the Hamptons where fashion rules are not as strict as in New York City, and I wonder if you think such look would also be appropriate in the city?

Little Grey Riding Hood 3Little Grey Riding HoodLittle Grey Riding Hood 2

  • Megan

    This dress is so fun! I love the hood! The background is so pretty! I wish I could swim in my pool, but it’s 30 degrees!

    • I am dreaming about warm weather too! Thanks for your sweet comment, Megan! Stay warm! xoxo

  • Love this look and I am sure you could easily pull it off in the city as well 🙂

    • Thank you, Aniqa! I will try to wear this dress in the city too. Perhaps, it will make a great weekend look.

  • Stunning as usual! I’m personally a big fan of the sportswear trend because I love being comfortable 🙂 I love dressing up, but since I’m a student, sportswear is pretty much what I live in 🙂 I also think you could totally rock this look in the city!

    From the Desk of J

    • Thank you, Jenny! I am a student too, but somehow sportswear is not the most comfortable type of clothing for me. Usually, I wear to college pants, riding boots, and a cozy sweater. I also make sure to have a scarf with be because air conditioners in my college are so unpredictable. Thanks for your advice, I will start wearing this hooded dress in the city too!

  • Gosh, you look stunning, Katya! I personally love the dress and I think it would be perfect in the city too. Love the sporty look, it’s a different side of you and you pulled it off flawlessly. xx

    Reflection of Sanity

    • Thanks a lot, Shireen! I will definitely follow your advice. It is so cold here in New York that this cozy dress will work perfectly well.

  • Color U Bold

    Wow I love this dress and you look fabulous in it!!! You heard this plenty of times but I’ll say it again you are absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  • Ellen Smith

    This colour suits you so well.