7 Ways to Make This Fall Memorable

7 Ways to Make This Fall Memorable

On social media, everyone keeps telling how they enjoy fall and all you feel is autumn blues? Trust me, I used to be the same: with summer ending and the weather turning into a gloomy mess, feeling happy about fall is the last thing I usually think about…

Ever since I moved out of the big city for the month of September, I finally experienced the joy of enjoying fall at its fullest. And this fall checklist is something I created for myself to ensure I don’t miss a fall activity. With such a prepared approach to autumn fun, I experienced it on a completely new level and enjoyed it like never before.

I hope it helps you to get in a better autumn mood too!

Pumpkin Picking in the Hamptons

Pumpkin Picking

Technically, I didn’t even bring any pumpkin home as I have no idea how to carve or cook it, but I went on a pumpkin picking tour and it was one of the sweetest experiences in my life. At first, I thought that this experience is something suitable only for kids, but as it turned out, it’s quite beneficial for adults to be surrounded by nature and colorful vegetables too. Walk around, enjoy crisp and refreshing air, talk to random people around you, laugh, snack on everything – that’s what fall is all about! Oh yeah, and don’t wear heels as I did it in these photos – it was such a New Yorker move of mine!

Pumpkin Spice Latte

I am so overwhelmed with everyone on Instagram with their PSL shots! But truth to be told, PSL does taste yum and season-appropriate. You don’t need to post it on your Insta if you don’t want to, but try experiencing this type of beverage at least once per season. Cause it does feel good!

7 Ways to Make This Fall Memorable

Corn Season

Summer corn and autumn corn taste the same – but the experience is totally different. It’s one thing to get your carbs in at summer barbecue and completely another one when it’s happening at the farm. Don’t be afraid to go all the way in with spices and greasiness of this fall vegetable. Get your hands (and face!) dirty while enjoying freshly cooked corn on fresh air.

7 Ways to Make This Fall MemorableOUTFIT DETAILS: Floral Dress // Boots // Sunnies

Decorate Your Home

As an immigrant coming from a completely different culture, I’m just getting used to the fact that people are re-decorating their houses for every season. Honestly speaking, at first, when I just moved to the U.S., it felt excessive. But now when I saw different ways and strategies for going about it, decorating my home for a season actually turned into a fun ritual. Don’t go crazy about decorating if it’s not your style – just a few season-appropriate touches will add a little something that will make this season feel a bit more enjoyable.

Plan a Local Trip

I would not call it a staycation as going upstate or just an hour or so away from the city is technically traveling. The idea is to take a weekend vacation somewhere rural where you can experience fall foliage at its fullest. You don’t even need to stay at the hotel – just drive around and enjoy the view. It’s that type of little moments that make your experiences memorable.

7 Ways to Make This Fall Memorable

Take Real Photos

Instagram is all good but there is something magical about taking physical photos when there’s less room for a photo mistake. One of the things that help to capture that exciting feeling about your autumn activities is a tiny Instamax or Polaroid shot – that you can then display at your house. It’s such a miracle experience to get back to the analogue camera – and to have a physical photo right away!

Get Your Pup a Halloween Costume

This tradition started for me a few years ago when I started incorporating my sweet puppy Lilu into my Halloween makeup transformations. Last year, for instance, she was a Bee and I was a Honeycomb. Maybe it’s my general obsession with pups but Halloween costumes look the cutest on puppies and this fall I’m planning on getting my Yorkie many more cute and spooky looks.

* * * * *

These were seven not that ordinary and easy to accomplish ideas for your fall fun checklist. I hope you found some inspiration and ready to make this cozy season the most memorable experience. Please let me know in the comments how you entertain yourself this fall – let’s share all the positive autumn vibes with the Style Sprinter community.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Distressed Sweater // Jeans // Sandals

7 Ways to Make This Fall Memorable


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