Margot Robbie Makeup Tutorial

Ever since I saw her at The Wolf of Wall Street, I knew that she will be a superstar! Incredibly talented and beautiful, I had no doubts that Margot Robbie will obtain a big Hollywood star status in a matter of years and look where she is now. Not only her Suicide’s Squad character Harley Quinn became the most popular Halloween costume of 2016 (I was one of these people rocking Harley Quinn makeup too!), she’s been a cover girl and a constant inspiration for so many people.

Since I’ve been admiring Margot’s beauty for so long, I was thinking why not featuring one of her signature makeup looks in my Get the Look series? Today we’ll try to recreate her orange red lip look that she wore for the 2015 Oscars. As always, I tried to use as many drugstore products as I could so this celebrity makeup look is budget-friendly!

To create this look, I used the following products:

Now, when we have all the tools ready, let’s dive into the step-by-step tutorial:

Step #1: Apply your favorite anti-aging foundation (so it’s smoothes your skin even if you don’t have wrinkles). I mixed two shades together to match my skin tone.

Step #2: Using a concealer brush, apply concealer under the eyes to camouflage dark circles.

Step #3: Pick a lip balm or a clear brow gel and brush your brows upwards.

Step #4: Contour your nose with the darker shade concealer. Draw two parallel lines on the sides of your nose and blend them with a blending brush.

Step #5: Set under eye area and already contoured nose with a setting powder.

Step #6: Using a cushion contour, warm up your skin a little bit under your cheeks and on forehead.

Step #7: Pick Almay eyeshadow palette and apply light beige shade all over your lid.

Step #8: Use a flat brush to apply a warm brown shade underneath your eyes.

Step #9: Pick a warm brown shade and apply it with blending brush onto the outer corners of your eyes.

Step #10: Use a round brush to apply dark brown eyeshadow close to your lash line.

Step #11: Curl your lashes!

Step #12: Apply a white priming mascara on top lashes.

Step #13: Use ultra black mascara on top and lower lashes.

Step #14: Apply a tiny amount of lip gloss or Aquaphor on the inner corners of your eyes.

Step #15: Apply blush starting from the middle of your cheeks.

Step #16: Final step is a bright orange red lipstick!

That was it for this simple, but so feminine and chic makeup that Margot rocked at the Oscars. I hope you enjoyed it! As always, please let me know in the comments area below which celebrity makeup tutorial you’d like to see on the blog next!

  • In love with this tutorial, you really nailed the look. It’s simple, feminine and chique as you say. You’re totally Oscar proof. XO Charissa –

  • Lisa Mao

    omg wow babe this was such a detailed make up tutorial I absolutely love it! usually I’m use to seeing tutorials through Youtube Videos but this was done so well i’m so impress!
    Also I know what you mean! the first time when I saw her on The Wolf of Wall Street I was actually blown away by how beautiful she was and I had hoped for her to appear in more movies! Can you believe that was her first major role? Obviously I was so ecstatic when I saw her play harley and she did SUCH an amazing job too. Her popularity is rising so fast! Thanks for creating this and sharing 🙂 !


  • christine

    Wow, you totally nailed this copycat look. I am a huge fan of Margot Robbie too! She is so gorgeous as are you! I know typically makeup is done in video tutorials but I really appreciate the step by step photos too. I like it because I don’t have to pause the video to apply the makeup with you. Amazing makeup and I love the lippie color. xoxo, Christine

  • Jennifer Quattrucci

    You are an absolute genius and I love how you were able to recreate Margot Robbie’s look. She is truly stunning and I do not think you could have improved any part of this . I love the eye makeup and really love how you explain it all so clearly. I want to try this soon.

  • maggie

    You look so stunning as always! I like the more orange-y cheek color to match the lips!

    Maggie S.

  • Thomas Falkenstedt

    Your tutorials are always interesting as you don’t only teach people to use makeup, but actually to recreate a look and that’s what makes it a great read even for me as a guy. You’ve totally captured Margot’s look here and to be honest, you look even better than she does in it!! 🙂


  • Margot Robbie is one of the most stunning people in the world and you totally nailed this look beauty! I love those bright orange lips. Definitely going to try that one.

    Love, Liz

  • Gina Diaz

    I love this tutorial, sweetie! you did such a great job with the make up and look so fabulous as ever! Thanks for sharing great content!

    Xx, GIna

  • Hi sweetheart, you are so talented!!!
    congrats on this tutorial and so glad you choose to recreate Margot’s make up as I’m a fan..
    You look just as beautiful!!!
    xx Hadasah

  • EverestSays

    It is so fabulous to see you recreate the look to such perfection! I love how simple you have made this tutorial for all of us to learn from you. You’re beautiful!

    Kisses from Singapore,

  • You even got her expressions down to a T. Loving this series! Great job with the makeup – seriously!

  • I love this series of celebrity make up tutorials. Margate Robbie is one of the prettiest women. And I love this look alike make up. The orange red lipstick is amazing!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  • Sarah Atiq

    Margot Robbie is so stunning and I love that you have created a makeup tutorial to achieve her look. Your tutorials are so simple and easy to follow, I really enjoy them. I can’t wait to try creating this look myself. And I love the bright lip colour on you, so stunning Katya.



  • Amanda Smith

    What a beautifully done make up tutorial! Margot Robbie is naturally stunning and this makeup look just enhances her natural features. Love the bright lip! This is such a great series and I look forward to seeing it every week!

    Manda |

  • Alexandra Chloe

    Love your step by step photos! She is insanely gorgeous and badass! I love the simple look you decided to re-create as it’s simple and brings out the natural beauty in you!


  • Hey Dear,
    Hows you?
    Love this Make Up Tutorial so Natural and Looks Very Simple:) You Look Beautiful 🙂
    Happy Tuesday
    Love Open Kloset By Karina

  • You totally nailed this look. I’m a big fan of red lips. It looks great on you.

    xo, Maryam

  • jacqueline

    You absolutely nailed that look. I love the red lipstick the most!

  • You have absolutely nailed it Katya!! I have to say that Margot Robbie is one of my faves- shes always so sexy, but not overdone

    Rachel xx

  • This is such a gorgeous beauty look!! Love the bright bold lip. Her hair and face shape are so similar to yours so it’s perfect! I also particularly like how the blush you used looks–going to check it out!

    xx freshfizzle


    Hello dear!!!
    Great tutorial looking like the same, love the higlighter and the lip color.

  • Andreea Birsan

    Loving simple make ups like this one! You recreated it so well, and love the lipstick shade you chose. Also the eye make up is so well done. x


  • Jessie Li (4evajessie)

    You’ve done such a great job to recreate the look, girl! I love this tutorial! it’s simple and easy to follow! thanks for sharing!

    xx, Jessie

  • Kayla

    You absolutely nailed this look! I love the orange red lip color, fabulous color on you! Can’t wait to see your next recreation look! 🙂

  • wow your make up is so amazing and both of you have the same eyes! super gorgeous! and lobe the lipstick and cant wait for the next tutorial.


  • Wow nailed it! You look absolutely amazing! I love your “celebrities” make up tutorials , I think you achieve them so well … so keep them coming!

    Bisous, Josie