Meet My Dog Lilu!

Lilu StyleSprinter Yorkie

If you follow me on Instagram and Periscope, you already know that I just brought my adorable dog Lilu back from Belarus. She is a Yorkie and has a baby face, but she is not a puppy. Lilu lived with my parents for eight years and now she has moved with me to New York. Ben and I can’t get enough of this adorable creature and I hope you will enjoy my upcoming Lilu stories on the blog. Meanwhile, today I prepared for you 10 fun facts about my sweet Lilu.

1. Her name comes from a popular in the 90s movie Fifth Element. Remember, “Leeloo Dallas Multipass?” I loved this film so much that at one point we had both Lilu (it’s spelled Leeloo in the movie, but Lilu reads better in Russian so that’s how we spell it) and Korben in the house. Unfortunately, Korben, a Black Russian Terrier, is no longer with us so our Fifth Element “package” is not complete, but we are so very happy having our very special “element” in our lives.

2. Lilu grew up in Belarus and speaks only Russian. I’m not joking! She does not understand any commands Ben tries to give her in English so he is (finally!) forced to learn a little Russian. A few days ago Ben requested a “Russian-American Dogbulary” and I wrote him a list of commands Lilu understands which he has been practicing. I cant tell you how cute it is watching Ben talking Russian to Lilu!

3. We are very lucky that Lilu almost never barks. The only situation she is raising her voice is when she sees a cat. She hates cats! Tell her “Gde koshka?” (“Where is a cat?” in Russian) and she will be looking around ready to attack!

Lilu The Yorkie

4. Even though Lilu is a tiny little thing, she believes that I am her puppy! Every evening she is coming to me to lick my hands and legs and get me “prepared” to go to bed. I sort of enjoy this little tradition, but such love treatment requires an extra shower afterwards.

5. Lily’s favorite activity is to sleep. She is the master of napping, no matter how uncomfortable her position is. She gets on my lap and naps when I’m driving, when we are on the plane, and even when I’m carrying her around the house in my hands!

6. Lilu embraces her natural beauty. Meaning, she does not tolerate any bows or ribbons in her hair. She also can’t stand dog shoes and synthetic jumpsuits. In fact, her favorite outfit is a sweater that my mom knitted herself.

7. Lily is actually a model. During her years of living in Minsk, Lilu modeled for multiple dog grooming shows. Her stylists were amazed with how patient she is and how professionally she walks. Once, Lilu spent three hours in a dog hair salon without any complaints.

Lilu StyleSprinter Yorkie Love

8. My sweet Lilu is an award winning beauty. Back in Belarus, she won a first prize award in the national dog competition. It was Lilu’s first and the only show as my parents decided not to take our little darling through dog shows as a career. Some of the procedures required for these shows are inhumane (such as coloring dog’s nails and chemically relaxing their hair) and my parents didn’t want to take our sweetheart through all these exhausting treatments.

10. Lilu loves taking a shower and blow-drying her hair. I think it has something to do with the hot air. She always always gravitates towards heaters and warm people and an extra dose of warm air always makes her smile.

That’s about it for now. I’ll keep you posted about Lilu’s life and share some of her adorable pictures in my later posts. But trust me, photos cannot properly illustrate her amazing personality. Saying so, tune in next time Lilu and I are periscoping and join the love!