Midweek Beauty: Top 10 mascaras for every budget

Best-Mascaras-Save-Splurge-2014I am one of these people who cannot leave the house without my mascara on. Even though I have naturally dark eyelashes, I feel naked without a couple of layers of good mascara. Considering that I’ve been using mascara daily for more than 10 years, I would like to share with you all of the best products that I tried within these years. As is my tradition with my Midweek Beauty series, I will propose both luxury and affordable options of my favorite beauty products.

Splurge List

#1: Mac Zoom Lash

Mac Zoom Lash MascaraThis product is the best everyday mascara that I’ve tried so far. I have very sensitive eyes, and this mascara never caused any irritation. Also, it never fades and always stays in place: on my eyelashes (not under them!). My most favorite fact about this mascara is that I can remove it with warm water without the help of makeup removers. I don’t like using any makeup removers except micelle solution (read more about similar beauty products in my post “Back to Basic Skin Care Class at Sephora”) because I feel that the cotton rounds that I use to apply makeup remover stretches the skin under my eyes and generally irritates them. If you experience similar problems, Zoom Lash could be a great solution for you. In addition to its hypoallergenic qualities, this mascara helps to frame your eyes by dividing your lashes and adding volume to them.

#2: Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Babydoll

Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Babydoll Mascara

I’ve repurchased this mascara many times (even though it doesn’t seem to last as long as other luxury mascaras). Perhaps, I am just attracted to the beautiful design of this mascara’s tube and to the delicious smell of this beauty product. I am very specific about how my mascara should smell, and this YSL beauty product beats all others if classified by this criteria. This mascara makes your eyelashes longer, but it is not tremendously different from the perspective of adding volume, if compared to other mascaras from this Splurge List.

#3: Dior DiorShow


If you are reading my beauty reviews, you probably know that I have a crush on Dior makeup: foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, lip-gloss, compact powder and perfume — there is something very special and luxurious about Dior’s cosmetics and makeups and this Dior Show mascara is not an exception. It stays on your eyelashes as long as you need, it adds volume but not weight to your eyelashes, and its tube looks very fancy. It might be a bit more difficult to remove this mascara than others, but it is superior to many competitors in terms of quality. The only downside that I experienced with this product is that it smells a bit like oil paint — not my favorite smell but I can handle it only because it is Dior.

#4: Chanel Inimitable Intense

Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara

This mascara would be good for people that like waterproof mascaras (even though it is not officially waterproof). I found this product to be difficult to remove, but I know that some people actually prefer more durable mascaras (for instance, those who live in warm climates). I usually wear this mascara during the summer and always take it with me on vacation where I do not have much time (or desire) to fix my makeup during the day. Same as Dior, this Chanel mascara looks luxurious and never irritates my eyes. Same as Dior, this Chanel mascara also smells like oil paint. Finally, same as Dior, I love this Chanel mascara a lot!

#5: Lancôme Hypnôse Drama

Lancôme Hypnôse Drama MascaraI like this mascara because of its brush that helps to make your lashes so long and so thick that they look somewhat dramatic (in the good sense of the word). I would recommend saving this product for the evening or for special occasions when you need to attract attention to your eyes. Also, it works perfect when combined with heavy eye makeup. Actually I am quite surprised that there are not more companies using a similar brush design: In my opinion, this brush makes the application process much more comfortable and convenient.

Save List

#1: CoverGirl LashBlast Volume

CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara

This mascara has a perfect brush. I would say this brush is better than those provided by many other expensive brands. The brush is thick and wide that allows one to separate lashes effectively and to add enormous volume to your eyelashes. Among other benefits of this drugstore phenomenon is that one tube of LashBlast lasts forever and seems like it never dries out in the tube?! In other words, CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara is the best drugstore mascara I’ve tried so far and I highly recommend giving it a try!

#2: Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express

Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express

No matter how many tubes of mascaras I have in my collection, I always make sure to have this yellow treasure in my cosmetic bag. Perhaps, it is the only mascara on the market that provides such intense coverage that is just perfect for going out. Similar to expensive DiorShow, this inexpensive product makes your eyes look dramatic. Despite the strong coverage that it offers, this mascara is very easy to remove: just wash your face with gentle cleanser and it is gone. Very convenient!

#3: Rimmel London The Max VolumeFlash

Rimmel London The Max VolumeFlash Mascara

Many people swear that this mascara is the best beauty product ever, but in my opinion it is just okay. This mascara doesn’t dramatically curl my eyelashes or make them look more defined. Instead, it just adds length and a little bit of volume. This mascara is perfect if you are wearing it during the day: It looks natural and thus might be appropriate for the office.

#4: L’Oreal Extra Volume Collagen

L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen

I feel that this mascara dries fast and (when newly purchased), L’Oreal Extra Volume is really perfect. It adds tons of volume to your eyelashes, applies evenly, and really defines your eyelashes. However, However after its been used a few times it dries in a way that builds up quickly adding more weight to eyelashes than needed. You probably wonder why I included a mascara in my top 10 list that is not durable? I would respond that L’Oreal Extra Volume Collagen provides quality comparable to those produced by expensive brands. Yes, you have to repurchase it frequently, but it still worth it.

#5: Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies

Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies

This mascara has an interesting spoon brush that makes the process of applying mascara much faster. This product focuses on adding length rather than volume to your eyelashes, and thus might be more appropriate for the day. Keep in mind that this mascara might be a challenge if you are not familiar with how to use a curved brush. My advice is to train applying it a couple of times right after you purchased it, so you are already a curved brush pro when you start using it every day.

These were my favorite mascaras, both expensive and inexpensive ones. I wonder if you have tried any of them? Perhaps, you can recommend some other brands and types of mascara to try? Please share your thoughts and ideas!


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  1. shannon binnicker wrote:

    Thanks for sharing! I cannot get enough of mascaras and I haven’t tried all of these mentioned yet. So off to the mall I go!

    Posted 1.14.16 Reply
  2. Allison Ulrich wrote:

    I realize this is a bit late for this thread, but I really like Bare Essentials mascara. It has a very skinny wand that holds bunches of color, and the wand is small enough to get to those hard-to-reach places, like the inner corner and the bottom lashes. Don’t use it all the time, but it’s worth taking a look at.

    Posted 5.11.15 Reply
  3. Color U Bold wrote:

    What a great review on all of these!!! I haven’t tried any of these I guess because I can be very cheap when it comes mascaras. I’m always very weary of mascara brands. My lashes are not that long but I know one tried and true mascara and that’s wetnwild mega length mascara. The wand is nice and small and gets to every inch of my top lashes. Loreals brand definitely dries out more frequently but It does create some super length for me!

    Color U Bold

    Posted 11.15.14 Reply
    • I will definitely try Wet’n’Wild mascara since you recommend it. Thanks so much for your comment! I am really happy that this post was helpful for you.

      Posted 11.16.14 Reply
  4. Jilli Joffe wrote:

    Thanks for sharing! I’m actually planning a mascara post for my own bag soon, and I totally agree with you that Maybelline makes some awesome mascara, especially for a drugstore brand! I use the turquoise one, but may try the yellow or purple now! :)

    xo. Jilli


    Posted 10.6.14 Reply
    • Thanks for your comment Jilli and sorry for the late response. Did you publish your post about mascaras yet? I would love to share your post with my readers! Xoxo

      Posted 11.16.14 Reply
      • Jilli Joffe wrote:

        Thanks so much!!! I would love that! I haven’t actually published it yet… I’m relaunching/updating my blog for Dec. 1, and was waiting for that to publish. I will let you know as soon as I do! xox

        Posted 11.19.14 Reply
        • I can’t wait to check out your updated blog, Jilli!

          Posted 11.25.14 Reply
  5. Shireen wrote:

    I kept reading great reviews about YSL, Dior and Lancome mascaras but they are just soooo pricey. Maybe I’ll get it for Christmas. LOL!

    Reflection of Sanity

    Posted 10.2.14 Reply
    • You definitely should! I would say YSL would be the best Christmas treat. Not only it is a great mascara but it also looks so pretty!

      Posted 11.16.14 Reply
  6. Cristina Gomez wrote:

    Great reviews. I must say I haven’t tried any of them. I’ve always used Clinique’s mascaras and I’m very happy with them :)


    Posted 10.2.14 Reply
    • I’ve tried Clinique mascara once but their mascara dedicated to those with sensitive eyes actually irritated my eyes. I am glad it works for you though! What are the other Clinique products that you love?

      Posted 11.16.14 Reply
      • Basically everything lol. I love the 3-step routine and their Even Better Products. Also their shiny lipsticks :)

        Posted 11.18.14 Reply
        • Thanks for the recommendation, Christina! I will try some of Clinique products. I remember using their skincare line a couple of years ago, but I already forgot how was it. What a great occasion to refresh my memory and purchase some new beauty products ;))

          Posted 11.18.14 Reply
        • Thank you, Cristina! I will definitely try some of Clinique skincare products!

          Posted 11.25.14 Reply