Military trend is in full swing this winter, same as kick-flare jeans. Trying to finally build relationships with denim clothes, I decided to combine these two trends and see if I feel more comfortable wearing jeans. Well, technically these are not jeans but rather a denim jumpsuit, but I’m definitely getting there—improving my relationships with denim clothes.

While you didn’t really see this faux fur camo jacket on the blog yet, it’s been my staple for the entire cold season. The main reason is because it features a cozy faux fur lined hoodie that allows me to stay warm without wearing a hat or a scarf. I also appreciate the fact that the jacket is a bit elongated which allows styling it with different bottoms and always stay warm.

When it comes to the denim part, I love the idea that it’s a jumpsuit rather that your typical pair of jeans. I also appreciated the quality of the material which is much softer than the one you see in classic jeans. The brand calls this Japanese fabric a “cotton denim” and I do see how it combines the qualities of both materials. This jumpsuit is definitely more comfortable than the most denim fabrics I’ve tried.

Picking this jumpsuit made me think that maybe denim doesn’t work for me because it’s rarely soft. Perhaps, I need to experiment more with different denim blends to find my own. Do you have by chance any recommendations on which brands of jeans are the softest and most comfortable to wear?

OUTFIT DETAILS: Suno Denim Jumpsuit (more affordable option)
ASOS Military Jacket (similar but without faux fur)
Chanel Bag // Musse & Cloud Millie Booties (c/o)
ASOS Khaki Top // EarthWood Round Sunnies (c/o)