Modern Romance

Jenabelle Ivory Dreams Dress

Do you know Aziz Ansari? Surprise-surprise, I like him a lot! In fact, I spent an hour and a half waiting for him to sign a copy of his book about nowadays dating. He was late to his own book-signing event, laughing in a weird way while talking to his fans, and he refused to take a photo with me. I was thinking that I might stop loving Aziz’s sense of humor after so many fails on one day, but you know what? Somehow I am still a fan. Even though the Modern Romance book is not relevant. Even though it’s ghost written. Who cares? I just like Aziz’s sense of humor.

Jenabelle Ivory Dreams DressKira Koktysh Azil Earrings and Basma PendantAziz Ansari Modern RomanceJenabelle Ivory Dreams Dress and Kira Koktysh NecklaceJenabelle Ivory Dreams Dress White

Jenabelle Ivory Dreams Dress (c/o) // Nursace Python Pumps (similar) // Mina D Jewelry Bracelets
Kira Koktysh Azil Earrings (c/o) // Kira Koktysh Basma Pendant (c/o) // Photos by Vital Agibalow