Mother’s Day Gift Basket Idea

Mothers Day 2018 DIY Gift Basket Idea

Let’s be honest here: for some reason, any gift looks so much better if you put it in a basket. Especially if it’s a Mother’s Day gift—there is something nostalgic and homey about this old-school way of decorating thing and I’m totally up for it. Even though this holiday season I’ll not be able to fly to visit my mom, I decided to put together a do-it-yourself gift basket idea for Mother’s Day that might be handy for you. I call it a Mom’s SPA Day Gift Basket as it includes things like bath bombs and a face mask. So, your mom can enjoy an at-home SPA day with all the best products that I personally recommend checking out not only for your mom but also for yourself.

Diptyque Infused Face Oil

Basket // I found this affordable basket on Amazon where you can actually find a great variety of padded and regular baskets for the occasion. What’s great about this shopping destination is that with Amazon Prime, you can receive certain models of baskets literally the same day you placed the order. Yep, I’m talking about you, Mother’s Day gift procrastinators—if you can’t think of anything else to gift, just order a gift basket and figure out which items to include in it later.

Diptyque Infused Face Oil // I’ve never seen an oil fancier than this one. For starters, it smells like heaven—which is typical for Diptyque products. It also contains an entire list of high-quality anti-aging ingredients like white iris extract sweet almond oil, and real rose petals. The latest makes it feel more of SPA oil than your everyday dry oil.

June Jacobs Intensive Age Defying Hydrating Masque

June Jacobs Intensive Age Defying Hydrating Masque // This mask made into my top 10 masks of all-time list for a reason: it’s one of the most nourishing and skin hydrating products on the market and your mom deserves only best of the best. As it comes from the name of the mask, it’s specifically designed for aging skin so your mom will enjoy all the anti-aging benefits it delivers.

Aquis Headband // Since we are including a mask, a fabric headband is also a must. It will keep hair away while applying the mask and comes with a perfectly washable color in case you happen to stain the headband while removing the mask.

Prescriptives Super Line Preventor Xtreme

Prescriptives Super Line Preventor Xtreme // A great face serum is essential for the overall look and feel of the skin, and this intense environmental protection serum is a perfect option to try. I recently started testing this serum and I’m truly impressed—I’m certain your mom will be too.

Rahua Classic Shampoo and Conditioner review

Rahua Classic Shampoo and Conditioner // Whether your mom is coloring her hair or not, a luxurious set of hair care products is an absolute must this Mother’s Day. And if you’ve heard of Rahua brand before, you’ll already know that quality and effectiveness come together when it comes to this cult-favorite haircare brand. Made with 100% plant derived, vegan ingredients, this shine-enhancing duo is everything your mom needs for a perfect at-home SPA day.

Aquis Waffle Luxe Long Hair Towel // Let’s get over the essentials, like this perfectly designed hair towel. It’s comfortably thin, super absorbent, and long enough to wrap around your head. AKA a perfect towel to leave on your head right after a shower when you want your hair to dry a little bit before you start styling it. Since we included some hair products in this basket, Aquis Hair Towel is a logical solution for the occasion.

Wetbrush Detangle // Hairbrushes is not something I see people change very often and maybe Mother’s Day is just a great excuse to do so. Why not include in the basket a new and shiny Wetbrush that helps to detangle even the most knotted hair situation.

Chesapeake Bay Candle Blood Orange Candle  review

Chesapeake Bay Candle Blood Orange Candle // Finally, what type of SPA day we are talking about if it doesn’t include a beautifully fragranced candle? My current favorite candle collection is Blood Orange by Chesapeake Bay Candle. It has a deep, mature citrus scent that immediately puts me in a relaxing mood. Actually, I love this candle line so much that I decided to write an entire post about this elegant candle line—coming up on the blog soon!

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Mother’s Day SPA gift basket is something that doesn’t take too much time or effort to arrange, but the process of filling in the basket is incredibly inspiring and personal. You can think of every product that your mom will enjoy, add a few nostalgic decorations or flowers to create a helpful gift that comes from the heart. Isn’t it what a great Mother’s Day gift is all about?