Mother’s Day Gift Guide with Uncommon Goods

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

You probably never heard about it before, but March 8th is one of the most important holidays of the year for Russians. Called an International Women’s Day, it’s a celebration of mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, co-workers, and other women in your life. On that day, Russian men are expected to treat their women with flowers and presents (wonderful!) and take care of the housework (unfortunately, some Russian men are doing it only on that holiday!).

Living in America for many years, I congratulate my mom with March 8th every year and try to pick a special gift for her. It’s not that simple, but I have a few pointers: my mom is a great cook and DIYer and she loves fashion! I was thinking that since I am already done with picking a gift for my mom, you might enjoy my suggestions that you can use while shopping for a Mother’s Day gift (it’s on Sunday, May 8, so put a note on your calendar).

Today, I am collaborating with Uncommon Goods and share with you some of the items that your mom might enjoy to receive as a present. All those goodies are hand picked by me and are exclusive, high-quality, and sustainable gifts that your mom will enjoy for many years to come. I’d like to mention here that I’ve been Uncommon Goods’ customer for many years, especially when I was working at my corporate job, so I can say from my personal experience that those guys are amazing. It’s not only about the selection of products by artists, small manufactures, and DIYers, and quality of the products that they select (every piece that you see on the site is organic and/or contain recycled component), but also their approach to supporting small, sustainable businesses. If you read my blog for a while, you know that conscious consumption is very important to me and I love supporting companies that implement sustainable practices in their businesses.

Saying so, I have a few suggestions on how to pick a perfect Mother’s Day gift. In my opinion, it’s important to think about your mom’s personality before you start your online shopping trip. Think about one thing that she loves the most and try finding something in that direction. Is she a foodie? Then, look for something gourmet related. Does she spend half of her paycheck on clothes? Then, think about accessories and organizational items that she might enjoy. If you have absolutely no idea what your mom might like, go for a personalized gift—it’s always a win-win solution!

To make your gift picking process easier, I selected a few items that I consider great presents and divided them into several interest groups. I hope such format will make your shopping experience more enjoyable and productive. Also, don’t forget to write me in the comments area which of those items you liked the most!

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016 - Foodie

Breakfast in bed might be a good present for your mom when you were a child and live with your parents. Now, when you are a grown up, it’s more realistic to select some unique kitchen supplies that will always remind her of you!

#1: Party Sprinkles

#2: Agate Coasters – Set of 4 (those are so elegant, I need them for my house too!)

#3: Green Herbal Tea Kit

#4: Wiener Dog Oil and Vinegar Set (aren’t those adorable?)

#5: Slate Cheese Boards with Soapstone Chalk

#6: Artisanal Bamboo Salt Chest

#7: Make a Wish Measuring Spoon Set

#8: Flavor Fusion Water Bottle (great gift for those trying to eat healthy)

#9: Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Stand

#10: Bicycle Glasses – Set of 8

Mother's Day 2016 Gift Guide - Decorator

Does your mom plan an apartment renovation project? Or, perhaps, she loves gardening? In this selection, I hand picked a few home decor items that can elevate any interior.

#1: Porcelain Bird Bud Vases

#2: Envelope Wall Vase (what a smart and elegant idea!)

#3: Twisted Sari & Hemp Area Rug

#4: Busy Bee Wall Clock

#5: Pi Bowl

#6: Fish Condo (just a name of this item puts me in a better mood!)

#7: Molten Sculptural Bowl

#8: Avocado Tree Starter Kit (I love avocados, but I had no idea you can grow your own tree!)

#9: You Help Me Grow Planter

Mother's Day 2016 Gift Guide - SPA Lover

Giving your mom a gift certificate to a beauty salon is very nice, but so trivial. This year, try something different and treat your mom with at-home SPA set so she can enjoy a relaxing day in a comfort of her own house.

#1: Piglet Soaps (aren’t those the cutest?)

#2: Box of Flowers Soaps

#3: Happy Feet Spa Set

#4: Comfort Herbal Heart Hot Cold Pack

#5: Honey Bears Shampoo & Conditioner Set (I collect honey bears, and those are next on my list)

#6: Cocoa Butter Truffles Bathtub Soaks

#7: Robin’s Egg Soaps In Apothecary Jar (this product has so many positive reviews—I must try it myself!)

#8: Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin

Mother's Day 2016 Guide - Jewelry Lover

My mom always likes when I give her jewelry as a present. For her, it’s a memory documented in a beautiful piece of art that she can always take with her. Perhaps, your mom might think the same?

#1: Papillion Rose Necklace

#2: Love Birch Cuff

#3: Astrology Lockets (this one is so elegant—every woman would love it!)

#4: Offshore Earrings

#5: ‘Be The Change’ Necklace (how cools is that—to wear your favorite quote of the day?)

#6: Vine Gold Dipped Lace Bracelet

#7: My Heart Within Yours Necklace

#8: Ribbon Cut Zucchini Cuff (black and gold is such a classy and very versatile combo)

#9: Paris Architecture Pendant


Mother's Day Gifts for DIYer - 2016

Whether your mom is a knitter or a gardener, hobby-related gift is always a great idea. Think about what she loves to do in her spare time and pick an appropriate DIY project for her.

#1: Sherman the Sheep Yarn Bowl

#2: Mushroom Mini Farms – Set of 2 (grow your own mushrooms for breakfast? genius!)

#3: Sewing Station

#4: DIY Clay Mask Kit (I love clay masks and it should be so much fun to mix your own!)

#5: Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest

#6: Macaron Kit (make sure not to purchase this one for yourself—addiction to macarons is real!)

#7: Italian Cheesemaking Kit

I can’t wait to hear what are you planning on getting to your mom this Mother’s Day! Please share your ideas with me and other Style Sprinter readers!