Multitasking Fashion

Sheinside Grey Flowers Wrap Dress

Floral Wrap Dress / Obi Belt / Open-Toe Pumps Pearl Studsicon / Photos by Vital Agibalow

How long does it take you to get ready? I always say, “Fifteen minutes.” While you are reading this sentence, Ben is rolling his eyes because he believes it’s about two hours. The truth is somewhere in between: I can get ready in about an hour and ten minutes. 

An hour a day spent on standing in front of a mirror seems like a total waste of time… However, I know a trick how to make this time really matter: I multitask. No, I am not curling my hair and applying mascara at the same time! Instead, I’m getting ready as usually while listening to a podcast, TED’s Talk, an audiobook or a documentary on Netflix. If you are considering to do the same, you will be surprised how much new stuff you learn in just an hour a day. Thanks to my new habit I can keep up with any conversation and provide distinct examples from trustworthy sources. I also feel that I became more aware of what’s going in the world. In other words, my time spend on putting together my makeup and hair and picking a perfect dress that I received as part of my collaboration with SheInside is not completely wasted; it actually has a meaning.

Q: I wonder what is your favorite getting ready technique?

Floral Wrap Dress Obi BeltSheinside Asymmetric White Dress Nursace Blye Piton Shoes