My Favorite YouTube Workouts

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The other day I was trying to figure out why I have been skipping workouts so often and finally figured that bad weather is big part of the problem. I know it’s easy to blame everything on weather, but I’m just trying to be honest with you, guys. Sometimes it’s close to impossible to leave my cozy couch while I am snuggling Lilusik and go into the rain to kick my butt at the gym. The weather has been pretty bad lately and I figured that if I’m planning on getting in shape by this summer, I’d better come out with a solution to my gym fatigue problem. My friend Nina suggested working out from home (she does it all the time and swears by it!) and I decided to give it a try.

As it turned out, there are a lot of free professional workout videos available on YouTube. All you need to start is a few pieces of equipment and a desire to actually exercise! The first part is easy: I purchased a yoga mat and a set of weights on Amazon (and a few other items that I mentioned in this post) and found a dedicated space for workouts (in our living room, so Lilusik can watch my crazy contortions without leaving the couch).

When it comes to fitness motivation, I am more consistent with at-home workouts than I expected. Since I don’t need to dress up and leave the house, sometimes I can sneak in a 15-minute workout session before taking my morning shower or a half an hour before my afternoon snack time. At-home workouts are great not only for lazy and busy days, but also for the moments when you are not feeling your best. I feel very proud of myself when I end a hectic day with at least a few moves for my biceps or a couple of squats. Those exercises do not take that much time, but I finish the day with a sense of accomplishment.

Today, I decided to share with you some of my favorite at-home workouts that you can watch on YouTube. Most of these videos are about 10 minutes long so aim for at least two videos per workout session. Also, for your convenience I created this playlist on my YouTube channel where you can find some of the best fitness videos I tried and loved. I hope this workout method will work for you too. Have a great workout!

Abs & Core


Inner & Outer Tights


Legs & Butt