My First Louis Vuitton Bag!

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We were on the way to Saint-Tropez when a crazy fashion idea hit my mind… What if a local boutique has my beloved Louis Vuitton Cluny BB bag in blush pink? That’s my dream bag that I couldn’t find anywhere in the U.S.!

Lately, I’ve been in the “pink all day” kind of mood. Adding a light pink purse to my collection seemed like a great idea. I always wanted to own a Louis Vuitton bag, but I could never decide which one I love the most. Brand’s signature print was always too much of a fashion statement for me. But when I saw the Cluny BB bag I knew that was the one.

We spent more time in Nice than planned, so by the time we arrived at Louis Vuitton boutique in Saint-Tropez it was already closed. We tried the next morning — and double-espressos served by the LV staff never felt better. The moment we arrived at the store, I noticed that they have my dream bag in the color I wanted. Moreover, it came in two different sizes! I opted out the bigger version as I know that it could be limiting. I’d rather carry fewer things during the day if I can use the same bag for both day and night time occasions.

Louis Vuitton Handbag and Wallet unboxing

I tried a few different pink bags, but my heart was already on the Louis Vuitton Cluny BB in Rose Ballerine. In addition, I picked a matching wallet. I’m all about small leather goods and I love having a few different options based on the size of the bag I’m wearing that day.

Louis Vuitton Compact Twist Wallet in Rose Ballerine I picked to match my new LV bag was so perfect for my new LV bag, but I wanted a smaller option too. I picked Louis Vuitton Zoé Monogram Wallet in Rose Ballerine that features brand’s signature monogram print and light pink detailing. I figured it would be a perfect size wallet for my beloved Chanel bag.

Talking about my shopping experience at Saint-Tropez, it’s actually cheaper to buy luxury goods in Europe. As our LV sales associate explained, prices in European boutiques are already about 22% cheaper than in America. And you are also receiving your taxes back while going through customs.

While I’m not shopping for luxury handbags too often, it makes so much more sense to do it while on vacation. Not only you save money, it’s also a much more memorable experience!

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