My Home Office Makeover

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Ever since I started working from home I realized that making my workspace comfortable is one of the keys to make me more productive. As a writer, I was always taught that a neat desk is one of the essentials to keep creative juices flowing and this strategy has worked for me. In fact, after years of cleaning my workspace before starting my day I simply can’t concentrate on my writing if I’m working in an untidy environment. Call it an OCD or just a little a weirdness of mine, but I am a strong believer that a beautifully organized desk is essential for creativity and organizing my thoughts.

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Over the years of writing my blog from home, my workspace has been through a few makeovers. First, I replaced all the furniture that Ben used to have before I moved in. The room needed extra storage space so I picked a few pieces of furniture that had a lot of shelves to put my stuff in. The next step—finding a new chandelier and curtains—took us a few months, but was a large piece of the transformation of our dining room aka home office.

I started working on the final step of my workspace decoration project a few weeks ago, when Minted reached out to me to collaborate on a post. At that time, I had been eyeing all of the décor websites trying to find art, but everything seemed either too boring or too expensive. I was happy to learn that artworks created by artists and designers are located in 48 states and 43 countries for Minted do not fall into any of these categories. Instead, the website features a collection of original pieces of art that are very fairly priced.

My first pass through of their website lasted… for about two hours. I couldn’t believe that I had never heard about this wonderful website before! Minted has everything you need to turn your space from ‘ehhh’ to ‘wow’: hundreds of art prints and photography prints made by talented designers from across the world, pillows, table runners, stationery, post cards, party décor, wedding essentials, business cards, invitations, etc. etc.

I quickly realized that I like way too many items from Minted and these would never fit into our apartment! So I started ‘liking’ my favorite designs and asked Ben to do the same. At the end of our search, we had about 30 art prints to choose from. Knowing how dramatically the artwork could change a space, I gave our collection of favorite pieces a few days to settle and then looked at it again. I removed about a half of the pieces and then tried to narrow it down to three pieces that are created in a similar color scheme and feature an analogous theme.

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At the end of the selection process, I decided to pick three art prints from different artists that are united by the same theme – sky. Here you have a duo of colorful palms that were photographed from underneath. An intriguing shot of a mountain with a lot of whitespace (that is actually not white, but colorful). And a festive shot of air balloons that are also flying in the sky. I know nothing about feng shui, but in my imagination such aerial motif is associated with ‘reaching to the sky’ mood, which is understandable for a creative space.

The good thing about Minted is that you can order your art prints with or without frames. The first option works the best for decorators that have no time, while the latest is perfect for bargain shoppers. Since I had a certain budget in mind for my office redesign project, I ordered my prints unframed and picked affordable white prints from Amazon. Even though a décor of my at-home office is in dark shades (brown and bronze are dominant colors), I went for white frames as they matched the curtains and closet doors.

StyleSprinter - Home Office with Minted

After the artworks were picked, I figured that I need just another colorful spot in the room and ordered these gorgeous pillows: one for me and one for Lilusik who is usually sleeping next to me when I am working. I feel that these artistically painted pillowcases perfectly match my colorful sky-themed gallery wall.

In addition to my staple pieces from Minted, I also updated my always-growing collection of stationery with notebooks, pencils, candles, and other eye-catching pieces. I can’t say that my productivity level dramatically improved after I updated my workspace, but my creative process definitely became more enjoyable.

Scroll all the way down for room details and enjoy the photos along the way!

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Art Prints: Palms, Mountain, and Balloons by Minted (c/o).

Pillows: Summer Fun Pillow by Minted (c/o).

Art Frames: Amazon.

Faux Fur Throw: Ikea.

Nail Polish Organizer: Amazon.

Gold & Clear File Holder: Kate Spade.

Magazine Organizers: Pink & White.

Candle: Papyrus.


Folders: Kate Spade & Papyrus.

The Day Designer Notebook: Papyrus.

Stationery Box: Kate Spade.


Desk: Pottery Barn.

Console, Mirror, and Dresser: American Drew.

Curtains: Pottery Barn Kids.

Chandelier: Home Depot.

Ottoman: Safavieh.

Rug: ABC Carpet & Home.


Air Purifier: Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air.

Headphones: The House of Marley (c/o).

StyleSprinter Home Office