My Inner Child

Katya-Bychkova-Beauty-Blogger-Agatha-Ruiz-De-La-Prada-Lip-Gloss-2I studied advertising and marketing and I consider myself to be an intelligent person, but some sales techniques seem to work on me. Otherwise, I do not know how to explain the fact that while being in the beauty store I always grab the brightest colored products first and only after that start studying the list of ingredients. I also remember by heart (even though I don’t want to!) all of the TV commercials that I heard in between the blocks of morning news and, yes, sometimes the magic word “sale” really influences my buying decisions.

The same thing happened with the lip gloss by Agatha Ruiz De La Prada that you see in photos. I noticed this beauty product at a Duty Free store when we flew back from Russia — and couldn’t resist. There were no test samples available but I knew that I needed it and I never regretted my decision. The “Tutti Frutti” lip gloss smells so delicious and tastes so yummy that I always have it with me and I keep reapplying this petrolatum-based product “just in case” (learn why petrolatum is good for your lips in my post “Midweek Beauty: My Favorite Skin Care Tricks”). I also like to keep this colorful lip gloss on the table when I am working or studying simply because it is fun and positive-looking.

I discovered the Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz De La Prada that designed this bright lip gloss many years ago when I still lived in Russia. I was amazed with Prada’s bold clothing and stylish accessories and I immediately put her on the same list with Charlotte Olivia and Kate Spade. Nowadays, this creative lady still surprises me with her amazing outfits and design ideas. It somehow happened that I do not own any clothing by De La Prada (maybe because I rarely wear casual outfits), but I do have and adore some accessories and stationary pieces — they are simply irresistible.

A couple of years ago, Agatha Ruiz De La Prada used to have boutique in Soho and I am not sure why it was closed. But you can still find some items online or the next time you are travelling to Europe. Make sure to buy in bulk: yummy lip glosses tend to be finished quickly.